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Annie Rory Lucky Elaine
DoubleGCh, C.I.E., C.I.B., MultiCh., MultiJCh, res.BIS Gem of Aleck from Atria Cordis "U"
Born 28.8.2011
Hight at withers 63 cm
HD + ED B/B + 0/0
Eyes clear
Heart clear
Shows Grandchampion of CZ, SK
International Show Champion C.I.E.
Interchampion C.I.B.
Best CZ-show female of FCI VII 2013
TOP DOG 2013 - 3-rd place of FCI VII
Champion of CMKU (CZ-all-breed- kennel-club)
Champion of CZ, SK, PL, HU, DE
Juniorchampion ofCZ, SK, PL, A, CRO
res.BEST IN SHOW (BOD) - CAC Brno 2013
BIG 3 at Champion of champions SK 2013
Junior Best in Show 3 -CACIB Nitra 2012
Class winner (CAC) - WDS Budapest 2013
Class winner (CAC) - EDS Brno 2014
Special club show Winner
Multi BIG, Multi BOB, Multi CACIB, Multi NV...
Multi Junior BIG, Multi Junior BOB
Victory Winner, Berlin Winner, Prague Winner....
Exams All-round exam - I-st merit, Best bloodtrack
  Forest exam - II-nd merit
  Special Water Exam - I-st merit
  Autumn exam (CACT) (HZP) - I-st merit
  Ability exam (VJP) - I-st merit,     2-nd place
Spring check up OMS Prague-east 7.4.2012
Breed selection Club show KCHVO 31.8.2013 Humpolec

     Rory is a female with very friendly and cheerful character with just strong bond to her owner and handler, which helps during a field work - she is very easy manageable. She has an excellent nose, nice systematic searching in the field and beautiful strong pointing. She loves water and mainly retrieving out of it - like almost every weim. She is a passionable tracker and a blood track is one of her favorite events. We have managed Ability exam, Autumn exam, Forest exam, Special water exam, All-round exam and Blood tracka exam - all the details are HERE. .
     At home and in family she is just great and friendly companion but also a good guard.

     In the ring is Rorka not only the best female of cz-weimaraners, but also the best female of all breeds of pointers in 2013. In general she became a 3-rd CZ TOP DOG FCI VII-group 2013!! She is a Grandchampion of CZ and SK, Champion of 5 countries and Junior Champion of 5 countries. She is aslo an International show champion C.I.E. and Interchampiono C.I.B. She is a candidate of a championship of other 2 countries and is waiting only for a time-limit-deadline. She became a res.Best in Show at the all-breed National show in Brno, many times been placed in Best of group and many times become BOB. You can find all the details HERE.


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