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Puppies from our Kennel Greynie are planned carefully and expected with love - they are like our children. Our aim is to produce only healthy and high-quality individuals, who will revive and improve the czech weim-population (and hopefully not only czech). For this reason we choose the stud dog very carefully to future puppies have the best hunt- and conformation - expectations . We ley the stress especially on a health, an excellent nose and work abilities, further on non-conflicting and friendly nature and finally on an excellent conformation.


            Our puppies will grow in family background, in comfort of the house with the garden, which will they use as much as good. They will be very well socialized, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. They will take to the new homes the Pet passports, Pedigree, CD with the photos from the first days of life, a sack of the dryfood which they will be used to, a favorite toy and a „home-fragrance“. They will take their whole tail because we are not plannig to dock their tails. :o)


            For reasons given above we will prefer an active approach and an interest in further work with the dog at new owner’s. They will have to accept our friendly supervision over the future fate of the dogs,  but  we offer in return a lifelong consultancy and disinterested help in every dog-regarding matters. Of course the buying contract of puppies will be available well before a take over. We expect  at least one personal meeting before the take over, but every other visit is very welcome.


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