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NEWS 2022


      We registered Joy for the biggest czech international show - DUOCACIB Brno to try to get the last necessary CAC. There were 46 weims entered for the Saturday and 44 for Sunday! So we were extremely happy when Joy achieved the goal! He was Ex. 2nd, res. CAC on Saturday, but 60% males got Very good or worse! And it was even much more difficult on Sunday - just three males out of 16 got Excellent and fortunatelly Joy was among them!! Excellent 1st, CAC, res. CACIB in the working class! This way he fulfilled the last required condition for becomming a CZECH CHAMPION OF BEAUTY!! Unbelievable that we managed to finish it straight at the first show of this year!          



      And just after the New Year Bond followed his journey in style again! He was the best veteran at the National dog show Brno in the breed (Ecellent 1st, BOV, CACIB-V) and in the main ring as well - that time he achieved even BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 2.nd!!!! This was he has fullfilled the conditions for the Czech Veteran Champion title!



      Hard to believe it but the very first puppy born in the Greynie kennel - Bond - has reached the veteran age. But he is still as show successfull as before! He took a part at the two days of the TRIOCACIB Prague and both days got such beautifull comments from the judges and the results Excellent 1st, BOV, CACIB-V. He also run in the finals on Saturday and achieved BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 3rd!! Well done boy!   



      Joy came to us for a week babysitting in May. He is a littermate of Carrie and Orcan (and the other) who lives near by us with a family with 3 small children. Few days at us were enough to recognize he was something special...
     He was a bit fat arriving at us but still his drive and work enthusiasm was incredible! Even under the fat you could see a very nice body. And the head! I absolutely fell in live with his head! And what persuaded me the most was his character and nature! Such a calm, reasonible and obedient male as well as cuddly and playfull.  Easy to handle outside, but self-assured and still friendly to other males. Big body guard and a property guard.
     What can I say... I got probably the crazies idea in all my weim-life: what about get him stud? It means pass at least two hunting trials (Autumn and Forest or All-round), one club show with a special club check and some health tests in Czechia!! It would not be anything special if there was few years to train him. But as he was already 4 y.o., I knew I had to do it that summer, during just 3 months of the real time (as I had planned some holidays and spa before).  I asked the owners and was so happy when they said "yes"!
     Fortunatelly I was so lucky with Joy and his skills and effort! Everything went so well & easy! Before my spa in July we passed the most difficult exam - the Forest one - with a lovely Ist prize! And immediatelly after the spa in August we got the Water exam - with full set of points! I was happy I could show the incredible Joy's waterwork! At the end which was a bit dramatic for us we also managed the last obligatory trial - Autumn one - again in Ist prize which is also a club request. So the unbelievable came true - we managed all the required hunting exams in just few months!
     In the meantime we entered Joy not just in the required club show but also in few others and it was with the non expected achievements! Joy has openned a Czech championship of beauty and he needs one more CAC from the next season to finish it. We also got him check his health - his heart, eyes, hips and elbows and some genetic disseases. And happy to say Joy is completely clear!
     Hard to believe it but we have succeeded and Joy is now officially a Czech stud dog!



      ... and so many events happenned.... so many to write about but at least the most important:

      My beloved Rory has reached 12th Birthday! I can't say "in full health" - her spine is not as good as it had been so she walk a bit worse, she also does not hear as good as before but still is a lovely happy and joyfull girl.
     I had to spayed my little Carrie this year. With a heavy heart, but I saved her life as she had got a pyometra. She was a strong girl as always and now is completely full of power.
     Unfortunatelly we lost Lucky this year. Our legend rieched 12 yers 4 months of the best and full life. With his mum Bara and "bro" Vick had been working in their hunting area and living an active life in general. There a lot of Lucky's offspring live all around the World and give his foot step in the european weim breeding. Run free Lucky boy!
     Our honey Bond produced except the other puppies in the Czech republic also a seccond litter in the Fieldghost kennel in Denmark. And his owner Jakub brought one of the sons- Eddie - back home and hopes in the best Bond's successors. Good luck boys!   
     Also Raoul did his work in the breeding: He produced a lovely litter in the Tatra Rocket kennel in Slovakia and we really love all the puppies, most of all the Coquito Tatra Rocket with his win at the club autumn exam and CACT title! Keep it up!
     The most shining star of these years definitely Orcan has been! He and his very young owner Natalia showed to us a complete orcan! We already wrote about his title Work Champion before. Later he added heaps of amazing work achievements like for example his win at the 3rd year of Klaudius Lukac Memorial (VGP, Ist prize, 455 points, CACT). He is the best buddy and best  hunter just now but we are sure we will hear of him more.
    Not just work but beauty as well! Orcan became an International champion of beauty (C.I.B.) and International champion of Exposition (C.I.E.), he is also a Beauty Champion of the Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and even a Gran Champion of Slovakia and Serbia!!! He became BISS at the Pointer Club show Radošina 2023!! And many times also a best weim in a group and in a breed!
     He is also a proven Sire now in his 4 years. His progeny is in Slovakia (Firehunter's kennel and z Mariánskej záhrady kennel) and in Czechia (Hunter of Larabel kennel), but also in Poland (Grey Silever Psy z Pasja kennel). And even his progeny has started to show their potential in the fields and show rings!


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