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HISTORY 2018-2011
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     Big success for our little kennel at the Double Cacib Nitra! We had been represented by two our boys Bond (A-litter Rory x Dante) and Raoul (B-litter Rory x Nash) and they could not go better! On Saturday Bond achieved Ex. 1 and CAC in the working class, Raul even Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB out of championclass!! On Sunday they changed their placements - Raul Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB, Bond Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB!! I can't be prouder breeder...




     Due to the latest health issue (dilatation cardiomyopathy - DCM) in the czech breeding (details HERE) Bond passed a DCM-screening-test. And the result is "healthy dog", yippeee! 



     Raoul Ex.1-st, CAC and 2x Ex. 2-nd, res.CAC at the 3-day-international-show in Komarom (Hungary). Well done!



     The latest and the hardest this-season-test for Arrya and again a very nice result: I-st prize, 438/492 points, 3-rd place out of 17 competitors, Best forest work!!!! She is just a star! Well done my dear girl! Looking forward to your puppies this winter!         



     Our very first weimaraner girl and big love Annie crossed the rainbow bridge. The life has been no more the same...



     Our big working star Arrya succesfully passed the highest hunting exam under the weimaraner club of CZ. She rieched fantastic score (468 / 492 points) but due to a limit mark which she got at the bloodtrack she finished in II-nd prize.  But still great result and 5th place out of 14 competitors! Well done girls! We are so proud of you!
     Our Bond started at this competition as well, but because of his health problems did not finish it. Still, he showed himself like a very good hunting dog.            



     We are absolutely over the moon with the this-weekend-Arrya's-achievement!! She passed the All-round-exam Frantisek Horel Memorial with this fantastic result: I-st prize, 462/492 points, CACT!!! I never dreamt about any working title for my dogs or my puppies, but sometimes miracles happen...  I am incredibly proud of this special girl and her owner Hanka, who has managed to learn everything about the hunting cynology from the beginning and did such a fantastic job with her very first hunting dog!



     Where has the time gone? It is always too short period... Our puppies have already lived in their new homes and all of them have really loving families, all in the Czech republic, which is a bit unusuall for us. But we really look forward to see them grow! All the details of this litter you can find at the special page HERE.

     But one of the girls has almost stayed at home: the red collar Daring Game of Greynie "Daisy", who has been co-owned by Greynie and Grey Valley-kennel. She will live in a loving family with three children and we are sure she will be spoilt as much as possible. Our Paja is going to handle her at shows and I will help with the hunting. Can't wait to watch her growing, as she is very promissing, very talented and skilfull - she was swimming at the age of 10 weeks (the same like her brother Fil), she's retrieved everything since her early puppyhoood..  


During the summer the Sire of the puppies Weisup Royal Flush at Bromhund "Gambler" made us very proud by his amazing successes achieved after his arrival at the Czech republic:
Water exam - I-st prize, 100/100 points
Forest exam - I-st prize,238/248 points, nose 4
Autumn exam- I-st prize,297/300 points, nose and pointing 4
All-round exam (VGP) -  I-st prize, 479/492 bodů, nose and pointing 4

Gambler also took a part at the czech weimaraner club show and under the very strict eye of the czech club judge got Excellent 2-nd, res.CAC out of 10 competitors in the open class. He was also succesfull at the club breeding check with a nature-test, so became a CANDIDATE OF BREEDING. After a finisshing of the paperwork he becomes a czech stud dog! Huge congrats to the owner Ivana Pocinkova, huge thanks to our friends from Bromhund kennels for entrusting us and sending this special boy to the central Europe and one more huge thank to Jaromir Gratcl, who did all the incredible work and training with him and handle him at all the hunting exams!



     The same weekend and very similar result for our Bond! But Bond was competing at the All-round exam (VGP), which is two-day-test and much more demanding than the Autumn exam of Arrya. And if Arrya had some problems with hares, Bond had some problems wiht a pheasant, which led to the II-nd prize as well. but the result II-nd prize, 469/492 points, nose and pointing mark 4, 4-th place out of 12 competitiors is really a very good result! And of course - very good experience for Bond and his owner and handler Kuba. Well done guys and WTG!    



     For this year Arrya was the only Greynie-weim who took a part at the club Autumn exam (HZP) with CACT-title. She performed very good work, but after chassing two hares the naughty girl did not want to search a lot which meant a limit mark "2" from the speed of searching. This way she lost I-st prize and finished with II-nd prize and 260/300 points. Still very good result, but girls were a bit disappointed.. Good luck for the next time!


BOND GOT res.CACT-title!!!

     Very happy with the latest achievement of our Bond aka A Wild And Free of Greynie (Rory x Dante)!! He took a parat at the VIII.Memorial of Ludek Hejny (field + water + fox) and went really fantastic! Full set of point on Saturday from water and almost full set of points from the field on Sunday! Final result: *** I-st prize, 391/408 points, Best fox and res.CACT-title!!!! *** I am so proud of this boy!      




     It's unbelievable, but our belovede, beautiful and amazing Rory, the fantastic mum of our 4 litters, is 7 year young. Dear Rory, we wish you all the best, good health, still the puppy-mood and unrestrained temper till the next 7! We love you!      



     Bond's owner Kuba registered him at the Havlickuv Brod Cup - two-day-hunting-exam (water work & forest exam - bloodtrack, fox etc.) which was sort of presumption as mainly the most experienced and succesful trainer and handler use to enter this special test. But both boys went great and showed just fantasitc level of Bond's skills and work. On Saturday they were absolutely perfect at the Water exam and got I-st prize, 100/100 points and later on Sunday also a brand "Best water"!!! On Sunday at the Forest exam they gained I-st prize, 232/240 points. The final score of the Cup was I-st prize, 332/340 points, 4-th place out 16 competitors and Best water!!! Absolutely amazing result for such an inexperienced both dog and handler!! I am so proud of them!!
    And the icing on the cake is the fact, that this way Bond became offciallly a stud dog!! More of him you can find HERE




     For this time Raoul visited a new country - Poland - and openned his third championship. He achieved Ex.1st, CWC in the working class. Well done guy!    


          WE HAVE  PUPPIES!!!

     The biggest and joyfull news today: We have puppies! Not just "puppies as usually", but we have girls!!! Our Rory gave birth to 5 lovely princesses and 1 knight! So she has corrected her statistic which had been just 2 girls in 13 puppies. We are wery happy that babies and their mum are healthy and lively. We hope they will bring joy and happiness into their new owner's lifes. All the puppies are booked. 



       CACIB Velka Ida

     Raul is going on in his campagne with the new  2x Ex. 1+ CAC, res.CACIB at the two-day-international-show Velka Ida in West Slovakia. Another step towards the Grandchampion of Slovakia done..       




     Rory's pregnancy is going to the last dozen. She is getting huge and we can see the movement of the babies - such a sweet watching. Can't wait to see them live. <3    




     Raoul (Rory x Nash) became a Czech champion of beauty at the Intecanis Brno (30 SH-weims entered) show after getting a great result Excellent 1/2, CAC,  res.CACIB. Well done guys! 




     Fantastic news from slovakian Nitra this weekend! In the huge competition of 18 beautiful weims out of 5 countries incl. Russia and Hungary our boy Brave Raoul de Greynie (Rory x Nash) achieved Ex. 2, res. CAC, res.CACIB on Saturday at Grand Prix 2018! And amazing Ex.1/2, CAC, CACIB, BOB and res.BEST IN GROUP on Sunday at Derby Winner Show under Mrs. Monika Blaha (AT) and Mrs. Magdalena Swietoń (PL)!! This ways has openned his slovakian Grandchampion title! Well done dear boy!




     ...when the dreams come true... I had no idea even at the beginning of 2018 that something like this could happen, but... Thanks to the two amazing ladies (Suzanne and Ivana) we could bring to the Czech republic this amazing young stud and I got the privilege to use him as the very first czech breeder. And now we are more than happy that Rory's pregnancy has been confirmed! Please keep your fingers crossed till the born and for some girls.. :)          
     All the details are available HERE.




     We are very happy to announce the big succes of our Bond, who passed the Autumn exam in Trebic region with just amazing result -  I-st prize, 292 points and 3-rd place. The lovely comments of the judges and viewers were just the icing on a cake.. Well done guys! Now just the forest exam is missing to be recognised as an official stud dog... Fingers crossed!       



     It would not be possible to not join our "home" show and it was so also this time. Paja was handling few her clients but still wanted to enter our veteran Annie, who was 11 years just a month ago. And our forever young star did her best - Excellent 1/2, Best of Veterans!      



     Bondík (A Wild And Free of Greynie) and hiw owner decided to try few foreign championships and they started in hungarian Papa. Paja, the usual Bond's handler was not there so the handling was the owner Kuba's deal. And he did well - Bond fullfilled the goal of the trip and achieved 2x Ex.1 and 2x CAC. It means he has openned his hungarian championship. Now they have to wait for 1 year and 1 day to finish the title. Good luck guys and congrats!  




     And another jubileum is here - our C-litter-first-birthday! Our two boys from the combination Rory x Ez are not puppies any more! We wish them good health and all the best to the future lifes! We love you! 




     Another Greynie-puppy has been X-rayed for the hips dysplasia and another great result: A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie aka Arrya - HD A!!!




     Hard to believe but our Annie is celebrating her 11! She has been still healthy and powerfull, she is just 11 year young teenager. We are wishing her just good health, nothing else. She is jsut our love...



     From the 3 dog show (2x CACIB +1x CAC) trip to Ukraina Raul (Ch.Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) took 3x CAC & 2x res.CACIB and this way became a Beauty Champion of Ukraina! Well done! 



     At the age of 3 years Bond's (A Wild And Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) hips and elbows were X-rayed and the offcial results made us very happy and proud.



     The A- & B-litter 4 puppies visited us to celebrate thier Birthday by a long common walk, enjoying special dog cake and plenty of toys and other presents and playing together. Thanks to the best owners ever for their care and love!



     Another amazing achievement of our Raoul (Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash)! At the slovakian Victory show (Champion of Champions) got lovely result Ex. 1, CAC & Victory Junior Winner! Well done smart boy! WTG!




     Raul (JCh Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) became a CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA being graded Ex. 1/2, CAC, res.CACIB at the Nitradog Cup in Slovakia on Saturday! On Sunday was Ex. 2nd, res.CAC. Lovely present to his second Birthday which he celebrated on Thursday! And lovely results which are the reason why to be proud of this amazing boy!



     The biggest czech two-day-international-show ment this year 53 weims out of 5 countries every day. The only one Greynie-boy was entered this time - Brave Raoul de Greynie (Rory x Nash). He achieved Ex.2 & res.CAC and perfect critiques for both days. Well done and big thanks to the best handler ever Paja!  



     Bond (A Wild and Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) became a Grandchampion of Czech republic at the Hanacka dog show Brno. In the competition of 37 weims achieved Ex. 1/2 in the champion class, CAC and National Winner! Well done!




     This hunting season we spent mainly with our homebred Bond in the czech highlands. Few lovely hunts for us and much more for Bond, who is getting better and better in his hunting. Proud of this boy!


WORLD DOG SHOW Leipzig 2017

     This fantastic event started the 10 amazing days with our dear australian friends from Bromhund kennel. We met them in Germany a day of the German winner show, followed the World dog show next day. And it was absolutely unforgetable day both for us and for Bromhunds:
     Just our Raoul (Brave Raoul de Greynie) and Lucky (Bromhund Sensation at Greynie) came to represent our kennel at this prestigious competition of 206 weims. And they both went very well: - Raoul - Ex.1 & CAC in Intermediate being handled by our amazing Paja!!! What a succes for this young (1,5 y.o.) boy!!! And the same succes like  his mother Rory achieved at WDS Budapest... A bit naughty boy Lucky, handled by his dear breeder Suzanne was Excellent in a Working class.
     But it was just a beginning for Bromhund! Their boy Dodger (Bromhund Let Me Loose) handled by his breeder Suzanne as well, achieved Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG 4-th!!! Wha a dream for them all! What a happy and joyful common ride to Prague, where we were staying together for the rest of their European Holiday. I'm sure it was really memorable for them..           

Raoul - Ex.1, VDH-CAC WDS Leipzig Raoul - Ex.1, VDH-CAC WDS Leipzig Lucky - Ex./16 WDS Leipzig 2017          



     The last and the biggest czech dog show for 2017 (54 wims entered)!! And big succes for us!!
- Raoul (Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) - Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & BEST IN GROUP 3!!! on Saturday and Ex. 1, CAC on Sunday being entered in Intermediate.
- Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) - Ex. 1, CAC, res.CACIB being entered just for Sunday and handicapped with his "dead" tail after the Saturday's hunt...
- Annie (Annie Monvi Salvia) - Ex. 1 & Best of Veterans for both days



     And a week later our working superstar Arrya  (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie) passed an All-round exam (VGP) with just fantastic result:   I-st prize and 461/492 points!!! I am so proud of her and her amazing owner Hanička!




     Bond (A Wild and Free of Greynie) made a big surprise for us - he passed an Autumn exam (HZP) with II-nd prize and 276/300 points (without one "limit mark" it would be I-st prize). So now he is allowed to work as a hunting dog. Well done guys!



     This weekend was very important for our Roul (Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash). On  Friday he passed succesfully a Bloodtrack exam for pointers (FSS) - I-st prize, 66/68 points! On Saturday he achieved Ex.1 + CAC at the Duocacib Nitradog show and the same repeated on Sunday and added res. CACIB on the top! Well done smart boy!  




     During the summer travelling we also met the second boy out of the last (C-) litter Buck (Cool Hunter of Greynie). Also he is happy with his owner Ondra and lives nice life..



     The 2017-special-club-show was held in a lovely countryside of Sumava near by the biggest dam of the Czech republic - Lipno. There were just Bond and Arrya entered in name of Greynie, and unfortunatelly Arrya started her season just few days before the show, so she was not allowed to compete that day. So only Bond showed himself with a big help of Simona (Sirius Nova) and achieved Ex.3 in the champion class.
     But the most important resulta of the day were achieved at the breeding conformation check. Both Arrya and Bond were included into the official club breeding program. For Arrya it was the very last request to be allowed to be bred, Bonds needs some more hunting exams.. 



     We spent a lovely week in beautiful Slovakia - the country we always drive through to the show and back. So now we hac an opportunity to enjoy the lovely nature, nice people and yummy cuisine.

     During the travellink we visited our puppies who live in Slovakia. We met Bella (Brave Constance de Greynie - Rory x Nash) already the first day and enjoyed a lovely walk and hospitality in her owner's house. At Saturday we met Carlos (Cool Runner of Greynie - Rory x Ez), the 4-month-old-boy from the last litter. And finally we met Torrey (Brave Aramis de Greynie - Rory x Nash) and his nice owners the last day of the holiday. We are very happy that all of the puppies have the best families ever, live the happies lifes and looking fantastic. Thank you all our friends, owners of the boys and girl!

     The last two days we spent at the Duodanube - international-two-day-show in Bratislava, where we met another Greynie-puppy, our lovely Raoul. He was succesful again, competing just on Sunday - Ex.1, CAC in Intermediate was just good result under the honorable judge Mr. Jozef Jursa (SK). 





     Lovely results at the second Mlada-Boleslav-2017-show: Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) in the heavy competition of the champion class Ex. 2nd, res.CAC, the same like his sister Arrya. Our veteran Andulka (Annie Monvi Salvia) became Ex.1st, Best of Veteran and was chosen into the TOP 6 BIS Veteran. And the icing on the cake was her win in Juniorhandling with Bara - girl who met Annie for the very first time few minutes before the competition..    



     Not only Arrya but also her slovakian halfbrother passed a hunting exam last weekend. Raul (JCh Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) lives in the best ever family, but it is a non-hunting family. So we decided to ask a profi-trainer for his help. And we were lucky enough as we have chosen the best one! He took Raoul the first week in July and he was able to pass JSS (HZP - field trial + retrieving) already 4 weeks after!! And not only pass, but also with just great result: I-st prize & 216/240 points!!! Well done and WTG!!



     Great work achievement for our the only girl from the first litter (Rory x Dante)!! A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie - I-st prize, 236/240 points, WINNER of the EXAM!!! Big congrats to the owner & handler Hanicka and the trainer Petr Flachbart alike!     



     Lovely results for us at the Czech National Dog Show Mlada Boleslav. Bond (A Wild adn Free of Greynie) started for the first time in a champion class and he went great: Ex.1, CAC, National Winner!! This way openned his way to a Grandchampion title..  Arrynka (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie) entered an Open class and achieved Ex.1 out of 3 females. And the icing on the cake was our queen Annie: Ex.1/2, Best of Veteran & BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 2nd!!! She got a lot of lovely comments of her stunning condition and enthusiasm... 



     This weekend has meant a farewell for us. Our puppies are leaving to their new homes. They've had lovely and funny time here and we are sure they are going to have healthy and lucky lifes - Carlos (violet one) in Slovakia and Hunter in Czech republic.



     Porthos (Brave Porthos de Greynie - Rory x Nash) at the Double CACIB Aarau, Switzerland Ex. 1, CAJC, BOS!! Big well done boys!



     Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie) and his owner Jakub, both being keen on the obedience, passed another exam: ZZO1 - mark "Good", 83 points, 2nd place out of 7 competitors! Very proud of them!



     Our slovakian boy Raul (Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) took a part at the Intercanis Brno and achieved Ex.1/2, CAJC under the respected judge Mr. Ludek Müller! It was the third czech CAJC which means he has finished his second title - after the slovakian one now the czech one! Big well done lovely boy! We love you! 



     Our boys already got their registration numbers which means they already have to have their pedigree-names. So the violet one is now Cool Runner of Greynie and blue one Cool Hunter of Greynie. Runner is going to live in Slovakia, but Hunter is still waiting for his new owner. He is very active, temperament and dauntless boy, with lovely head, strong bones and bright silver color. Not just according to his name he could be a very good companion for a hunter, sportsman or another active owner. In case of your interest don't hesitate to contact me.  




     Our Rory x Nash's puppy Brave Raoul de Greynie was entered just on Saturday and Sunday and for the very first time in the "adult" class. And the results were great:  Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and GRAND PRIX SLOVAKIA 2017 WINNER on Saturday and Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB on Sunday. So he has started not only the slovakian title, but also the Interchampion! We are so proud of this young boy!




     In case of your interest in any of them just for show/hunt home don't hesitate to contact me.




     Another fantastic news from Raoul's owners: He took a part at the slovakian specialty with good result Excellent 3rd! And got the X-ray result which said his hips are as best as possible - HD A/A!!! Huge pleasure!!




     Hunting is not a priority for the Bond's owner, but this time he made an exception and tried an Ability exam. And the result is unexpectible: I-st prize, 199/228 points, nose 4!!! We are so proud of this team! 






     Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie) passed the ZPU-1 test with a lovely result Excellent + 141 points. Well done boys!! 




     Another great succes for our B-litter boy Raoul: Ex.1/2, CAJC, BOJ, on Saturday and moreover  BOS + JBIG on Sunday at the Double CACIB Lučenec, SK!!! This way he's become Junior champion of Slovakia!! Huge congrats to the owners!




     During the Easter Monday 2 dauthers and 2 sons were born to our A-litter boy Veres in Russia! Big congrats and all the best to their lifes!     



     There were held the big club events last weekend: Club show Bartosovice and Ability exam Bordovice. Just our B-litter boy took a part and was succesfull mainly on Sunday at the hunting exam. Showed his hunting passion and lovely searching for a game in the fields. Because of the absolut lack of a wild game also the handler/owner's experience he finished succesfully, but with III-rd prize, but lovely with lovely comments of the judges. I was really proud of them both - it was their very first hunting exam.. 




     Our beautiful girl Rory gave birth to two healthy, lovely silver boys!!! We were happy the delivery was natural and without any problem and that the boys are lively. All details of this litter are HERE. Inquiries welcome. 



     Our A-litter-puppies passed the official mental test (Wesentest) in austrian Neudorf and with fantastic results:
***********A Wild and Free of Greynie "Bond" - WG2 / WF 1*******
***********A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie "Arrya" - WG1/ WF1******

     We are very proud of them and more than happy for this achievement! Big congrats and thanks to the owners! Here you can watch the videos of Bond's test: WG - PART I. WG - PART II.WF



     Big succes for our Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie), who's owners don't enter many shows but this time it was worth it! Bond was placed Excellent 1/2, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!! In the finals he added even BIG 5!! Fantastic result for this young boy - we are incredibly proud of him!



Another weekend - other successes...

     This time only the B-litter-boys competed in the Greynie-colours. On Saturday Raul (Brave Raoul de Greynie) came from Slovakia to National dog show Ostrava and it was worth it! He achieved just great result Ex.1/2, CAJC & JBOB!!! This was second step out of three necessary to became a Juniorchampion of Czech republic. Well done to the owners and handler!
     On Sunday his brother Torrey (Brave Aramis de Greynie) took a part at the spring hunting conformation check and passed it without any problem. Thank to the owner for his effort and all the care!   



Annie is 10!!

     Hard to believe but out very first weimaraner girl and family dog Annie Monvi Salvia (Mojo's Vini Vidi Vici x Jíva z Krokočínských lesů) is 10 today! She's still been strong and dominant bitch, full of energy and health, great hunter, but also the best soulmate. Happy Birthday Annie and all the best to your second ten! <3



Veres is a new Champion of Russia!!!

     Veres (A Wild Adventure of Greynie - Rory x Dante) took a part at the double show in Russia and achieved just great result: 2x Exc.1, CAC, Best male & BOB!!! This way became a Champion of Russia!! We are very proud of this boy and wishing him good luck for the future!     The same weekend his younger halfbrother Raul (Brave Raoul de Greynie - Rory x Nash) competed at the Double CACIB Bratislava and was Excellent 4th + 3rd. Big well done and huge thanks to the both owners and handlers!               


Eurasia 2017

     Our puppy out of the A-litter (Rory x Dante) Veres (JCh A Wild Adventure of Greynie) took a part at this most prestigious russian 3-day-show and he went really well: on both entered days Excellent 4th in the strong Open class! Big thanks to the owners and to the handler Tatjana for their work and mainly all the love and care! Looking forward to the next similar achievements!


Scandinavia trip

     Our princess Rory started her season surprisingly early this spring so we had to set off to far Sweden for the special date with the best stud dog Ez. It was succesfull date so we hope in few healthy and lovely puppies born late April. All the litter-details are HERE - don't hesitate to check it. 
     In general it was very nice trip, we met lovely people, visited beautiful landscape and enjoyed every minute. Big thanks to one of the most experienced breeder Mimmi Erixon (Mimmtrix kennel) for her trus in us, hospitality and friendship - I appreciate it very much!    


A-litter 2nd B-day

     And after few days there is a time to celebrate again - our Wild litter (Rory x Dante) is 2 years old today! The 4 stunning boys and 1 beautiful girl are the most loved and most loving dogs all around the World and this is the most important aspect for us. Of course they have achieved few brilliant reasons which made us more than proud:
* A Wild Blossom Arrya - BISS (Middle-Europe Club Show 2016), JBIS (National Show Mlada Boleslav, CZ), Juniorchampion of CZ, TAN (VJP) - Ist merit, 223/229 points, Autumn exam (HZP) - Ist merit, 2898/300 points!!!
* A Wild And Free of Greynie - Champion of CZ (needs a hunting exam to be confirmed), National Winner, BOS, JBOB, res.CACIB, ZOP (Obedience) -Very good!!!
* A Wild Advanture of Greynie - Juniorchampion of Russia, Exc. at WDS Moscow!!
* A Wild Card Barney Greynie - BIS Puppy 3, prepears for hunting exam!
* A Wild Wild West of Greynie lives as all the others in the best family and enjoys the best and happiest life ever.  

Happy Birthday dear Wild Greynies!


B-team is celebrating their 1st Birthday

     Can't believe it is true but the babies out of Rory x Nash's litter are already 1 year old. They all live great lifes at the best families, some of them already achieved few successes. Happy Birthday and all the best Athos, Bella, Marvel, Porthoa, Raul and Torrey! <3 <3 <3     

B-litter 1st Bday



     The biggest czech two-day-show (almost 9000 entered dogs in total, every day almost 40 weims) was very succesful for us: 
* Brave Aramis de Greynie "Torrey" (Rory x Nash) - Ex. 2/5 (just on Sunday)
* Brave Raoul de Greynie "Raul"(Rory x Nash) - Ex. 3/6 on Saturday and Ex.1/5, CAJC, JBOB on Sunday! This way openned his second junior championship!! 
* A Wild and Free of Greynie "Bond" (Rory x Dante) - Ex. 1/3, CAC, res.CACIB!! He has met all the show conditions to become a CZ Champion just at two shows!
     Also Lucky's offspring were very succesful (Delly 2x BOB + BIG 2, B.B. My BIS puppy!!). Huge congrats to all of them and thank you for this nice day!   

Bond Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIBRaul Ex.1, CAJC, JBOBTorrey Ex.2


New year + Winter show Nitra, SK

     Next weekend our representants were very succesful at the two-day-international dog show in slovakian Nitra. Raoul (Rory x Nash) showed himself perfectly and amazed the judge who placed him Excellent 1st, CAJC & JBOB. In the finals he was picked into the TOP 3 of JBIG!! This way started his first juniorchampionship! The icing on the cake was our Lucky (Bromhund Sensation at Greynie). Both days achieved BOB and both days was placed in TOP 6 of BIG! On Saturday finished the title Slovakian Show Champion, on Sunday started the Super Grand Champion-title! Well done Lucky & Bara!   


National dog show (Olo)Brno

     Just two boys out of our B-ltter were entered at the first this-year czech show. Torrey (Brave Aramis de Greynie - Rory x Nash) was not happy and did not showed himself well which meant the result VG. But his brother Raoul (Brave Raoul de Greynie) went almost perfectly and achieved in this strong junior class Excellent 2nd/4! Well done boys and big congrats to the owners!  



Raoul at the slovakian show

     And right the next weekend another boy out of our B-litter had his first performation in a Puppy class. Brave Raoul de Greynie lives in Slovakia, so it means the CACIB Bratislava was the right choice. He was handled by Lubka Jancikova (thank you, Lubka!) and just perfectly! In the strong competition achieved Very promissing 1/3!! Not any other succes in the finals, but big experience for our little boy and his show career. Happy with him and looking forward to see his future.   


CACIB Prague

     Another show for our babies and another nice result: Torrey (Brave Aramis de Greynie - Nash x Rory) for the first and at the same time for the last time in the Puppy-class and - again for the first time - together with his mum Zuzka. They showed themself perfectly and the honorable judge Mr.Long-Doyl (IRL) liked them - the result was Very promissing 1 out of 3 beautiful boys. Great for Zuzka's show premiere and for us as well!
     Arrya (BISS, JBIS, JCH. A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie) showed herself perfectly again with Paja and got Excellent 4th. We are very happy with our youngsters!


Marvel passed TAN!!!

     Not only our A-litter-puppies pass the first hunting exams, but also the very first boy out of litter B! The french boy Marvel (Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie) passed his TAN-exam!! It was just super present to his 8-month-birthday not only for him but also for his mum Marie-Gabrielle. But not just brain but also a beauty... <3


Autumn exam (HZP) of our Arrya

     This was a big day not just for our kennel but mainly for our A-litter-girl (Rory x Dante) Arrya. This our recent star passed the Autumn exam, the same type of the test like german HZP. She went almost perfecty!! Showed wide and quick searching in the field, with an excellent system, speed and stamina, pointing and advancing, was perfectly steady in touch to game, rerieved perfectly.. There was just one little mistake during the duck-retrieving, caused probably by water or feather breathed in. But still the result was absolutely amazing for this young (17 months) girl and her handler who is complete novice in the cynology and hunting: I-st merit, 289/300 points and 2nd place!!! I am incredibly proud of this girl and her family and really looking forward to their future!   



National dog show Brno, CZ

     This show was the very first one without the breeder's support and supervision for our youngsters Arrynka and Bond. Unfortunatelly nor the regullar handler of them - our Paja - was not able to join this show. We hoped that Evička Ticha, the tallented juniorhandler who handled our Bond at the Middle-Europe club show few weeks before, would manage it. It was excellent again with Bond, but Arrynka did not accept the change. She was just Very good that day as she completely refused to show herself.
     But Bond was again perfect and with the excellent judge's critique achieved Ex.1, CAC and National winner 2016!!! Must note he was for the very first time entered in the Intermediate!!               


Lucky Show-champion of Croatia!!

     The same weekend our Lucky headed with her mum Bara and few of his progeny to the South and at the 3-day-croatian-show went really great:  3x Ex.1 + CAC, 2x CACIB, 3x BOB, 2x BIG 3. This way became the Show champion of Croatia!! Big congrats!



Very first hunting exam of very first Greynie-puppy

     Our incredibly succesfull BISS, JBIS, Jch A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie proved she is not just beautiful, but also skillfull and talented! She passed the Ability exam with her novice-mum-handler Hanička with just fantastic reslut: I-st merit, 223/228 points, nose 4 and 2nd place with the same number of points as the winner, who was younger!! We are very proud of this girl and looking forward to her next exams!


Movie from the Middle European Club show

     This is the video from the Middle Europe club show where our weims rocked the rings and won BISS, BIS honour class and BIS Veteran!!


Rory is 5

     Can't believe our "little" Rory is already 5 years old! Yes, we know she's achieved many fantstic results, rieched a lot of great wins, gave birth to two litters of promissing babies, but still: where's the time gone? Happy Birthday our dear clown! Good healt and always the happy mood!   



European dog show Brussels

     It is quite good to have puppies spread all over the Europe... As it is quite far for us to Moscow or to Brussels, our dogs were not enetered there. But at the both places were our puppies! Veres in Moscow and now Marvel in Belgium! And he did well: Very promissing 1 & Best Puppy of Breed!! Big well done to his owner Marie-Gabrielle! WTG!!   


Arrya + Bond na IB MB 2016Interdogbohemia Mlada Boleslav, CZ

     Just a week after the incredible success at the Middle-Europe club show, which will be written into Greynie annals by the golden writing forever, we with two our juniors set off to the international dog show Mlada Boleslav. There very good and respected judge Mr. Zlatko Jojkic, SRB judged weimaraners and he really liked our youngsters. Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) gained his best achievement Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and even BOS (BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX)!!!!! Arrynka (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie - Rory x Dante) with Paja went again perfectly and got their last needed Excellent 1 & CAJC to became JUNIORCHAMPION OF CZ!!! Just three shows were enough to gain it - the same like her mother Rory 4 years ago, but she had never been JBIS nor BISS despite the fact she's been one of the most successful females in CZ. These A-puppies made us soo proud!      


Middle-Europe Club Show of KCHVO

     Our weimaraner club of Czech republic celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in south Bohemia (Trebon-Domanin) at the beginning of August. There was Memorial of Robert Jakoubek held from Thursday the 4th, Club banquet on Saturday night and Middle-Europe Club Show on Sunday the 7th. Me as the other club board members had to prepeared this celebration, it had been more then a year of hard work. So I don't know whether our huge success was a reward for that work or just incredible luck.. :)       
     Třeboň had been consider by me the highest event of the year since the start of the plans, so I tried to persuade and motivate all our puppies and Lucky's progeny to enter the show. It did not succeed as much as I wanted, finally also a big part of that entered ones did not come, which was a big pity as Lucky's breeders Rosemary and John came especially due to this occasion.. But at lest Lucky and few his offsprings showed themselv in the stud dog parade. The handling in the basic ring was not good enough for the champion class, so Lucky was not placed and got just "Excellent". 

Lucky MKV Domanín 2016Lucky MKV Domanín 2016

     But the other Greynies did incredibly well! Owners of Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie) had been a bit disappointed after the Very good at the National show Ml.Boleslav few weeks ago, but still came and were happy to let a profesional handler show their boy. Due to the 4 rings at the show (134 weims entered) Paja was not able to catch every our dog, so young but very skillful Eva Ticha took Bond into her hands and they both were perfect! Very experienced czech judge dr.Simek said and wrote lovely critique and placed Bond Excellent 3rd in this strong class of 12 juniors!!!

Bond - MKV Domanín 2016Bond - MKV Domanín 2016

       For this show I entered alsou our "seniors", despite the fact they both were not in the best show-condition. Our 9,5 year old Annie suffer from lipomas (lumps in her skin) and Rory still shows she has had two litters.. Nevertheless they both reached the best possible results:  Rory (Gem of Aleck from Atria Cordis) - Exc. 1, BEST IN SHOW of honour class, Andulka (Annie Monvi Salvia) - Exc. 1, BOV & BEST IN SHOW veteran!!!!!!

Rory - BIS třídy čestné MKV 2016Annie - BIS Veterán MKV 2016

    And the icing on the cake was our Arrynka (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie), who had become JBIS very surprisingly at the National show Ml.Boleslav few weeks before. And she confirmed also here, at the club show, she was lovely bitch and the judges loved her. She got nice critique and Exc. 1 & CAJC out of 8 juniors at the basic ring from the judge Mr.Simek. Moreover Mrs. Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL) liked her as much as she placed her BEST OF BREED in the final ring, at the age of just nearly 1,5 year!! And it was not enough yet! Then she run against the LH-BOB and again seemed to be better one for Mrs. Gerda!!! She became BEST IN SHOW SPECIALTY!!! Absolutely thrilled with this amazing result for our young girl, on top of that if that was just her 3rd show (and 2nd in junior class)!!! Unbelievable!!! Huge thanks to all the judges who placed our dogs so high - we appreciate it a lot!!             

Arrya - BISS MKV Domanín 2016Arrya - ceny z MKV Domanín 2016Arrya s rodinou - BISS MKV Domanín 2016


Marvel res.BIS BabyMarvel res.BIS Baby in Belgium

     It was Marvel's (Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie - Rory x Nash) very first foreigner show and he made proud not just me but also his mum Marie-Gabrielle. He did very well and became res. BEST IN SHOW Baby (BIS Baby 2nd)!!! Well done little prince and WTG!



Incredible success of Arrynka

     After nearly a year we persuaded the owners of Arrynka to enter some shows. Unfortunatelly she was in her season for the club show in Telc in May, so only our Bond took a part there and he went very well - Ex. 3rd out of 10 juniors. So Czech National dog show was the first one for the siblings together. Unfortunatelly Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie) was not lucky enough, their handling with the daddy was not perfect and Mr.Vaclavik (CZ) was really strict judge, so the result was Very good 2/3.
     But Arrynka (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie) with Paja showed themself absolutely stunning: they achieved Ex.1, CAJC & BOJ (Best of juniors) in the basic ring. On top of that they were placed the only place in the group (JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP) and even JUNIOR BEST OF DAY!!!

Bond - Česká NV ML.Boleslav 2016Arrya - ČNV Mladá Boleslav 2016Arrya - JBOD na ČNV Mladá Boleslav

      But it has not been the end yet! We promised to come back on Sunday to compete against the Sunday's JBOD. It meant for us to drive back to Podebrady, put Arrynka home (as her owners were on holiday), drive to Prague, Sunday morning back to Podebrady pick up Arrynka, back to Mlada Boleslav and after the only run back to Podebrady and Prague... :) Moreover we thought it must be just useless way as we told us there was not so much luck all over the World.. It was more responsibility for us to not damage the show..  :) But unbelievable became true and despite the fact the Sunday run was not perfect Arrynka captivated the final ring, all the judges and became JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!!! Huge thanks to all involved - judges, owners, friends and the best handler ever Paja! <3 <3

Arrya - JBIS Česká NV Mladá Boleslav 2016


Test of Ability test  


     First July-week is full of National Days in Czech republic which means a lot of people is usualy out of work and enjoy holiday. That time used the owners of our A-litter-puppies to participate at the training camp for pointers at Petr Flachbart. It was not new for Arrynka who has trained with Petr for almost a year, but completely new for Bond and new trainer for Barney. They had a great week full of searching in the field, pointing, beginning of retrieving and also some water work. At the end Petr arranged something like "Ability test" - he is going to be a judge, so it was test for him as well.. :) Our puppies went really went and all three passed the "exam", Arrynka and Bond even in I-st prize and good points. Hope they will be so successful at the real trial..            



Show premiere of Marvel

     And on the other side of Europe was our little Marvel (Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie) showing himself at the very first show. There in France it was good day for him - he achieved Very promissin & Best male baby of the breed. Well done honey! For the perfect handling huge thanks to Marvel's mum Marie-Gabrielle and for the photo big thanks to Florent de Sars!

Marvel - show premiere


World dog show Veres Excellent at WDS Moscow

     Moscow was too far for us to enter this year's World Dog Show, but still the Greynie-name was written in the catalogue! Our russian boy from A-litter Veres (A Wild Adventure of Greynie) took a part in the junior class and was graded Excellent! Which was not so easy in this strong class of 10 pretty males... Big thanks to the judge and to the owners for all the care and love for Veres!   
     But absolutleyl outstanding success meant the WDS Moscow for the daddy of our B-litter!! He became not only Best of Breed, but also Best in Group and on top of that BEST IN SHOW 3rd!!! Amazing! Huge congrats from us!   


International dogs show Brno

     This show was a premiere for the only our puppy out of B-litter, who stayed in Czech republic, Torrey(Brave Aramis de Greynie), who lives with his loving family in Moravia. The judge Mr.Simek (CZ) liked him a lot, he told us he was the best of the class, but he did not want to show his teeth. It caused he became just "Promissing" and placed 3rd. We believe his mum and dad will train more this check and it will be without any problem at the next show.. :)  
     Also our Elaine (Elaine od Potoka Kačáku) was after some break entered to this show. She went perfect with Paja and was placed Ex.2nd & res.CAC.


Bond passed ZOP

     Our last year's puppies have trained for few months and now it's the time to passe some exam. It has not been hunting yet, but still great! Bond (A Wild And Free of Greynie - Rory x Dante) passed the ZOP-exam with an excellent result "Very good" and 89 points. This exam is a type of obedience and we know it is necessary to hunting as well.. :) Thank you guys and WTG!    


Show premiere of our B-litter

     Most of our B-litter-puppies have gone to Slovakia, so we decided to arrange a "family meeting" at the CACIB-show in slovakian Nitra. There our Lucky was very succesfull on Friday, but we went just for Saturday. Our puppies went well despite the fact they all have just novice-owners who had not known what was "show-stack" or "show-handling". Brave Athos de Greynie (dark blue boy) was not so perfect like the siblings, so became Very promissing 2nd being beaten by his brother Brave Raoul de Greynie (aqua collar), who was Very promissing 1, Grand Prix Slovakia Minor Puppy Winner.  the same like his sister Bella (Brave Constance de Greynie). So they both were allowed to enter the final ring and due to the better handling Raoul was chosen for BIS Minor Puppy TOP 6!!!
     But the most important bonus of this day was for us the fact all puppies had the best possible and loving owners who od their best for their new "babies". We spent fantastic time with them, had lot of fun and joy and are happy with them all...  


Lucky rocks!!

     Another fantastic achievement of our Lucky went from slovakian Nitra, where he became  BEST IN SHOW 3rd at the National dog show!!! Great result again!  



Lucky became Grandchampion of Croatia

     Lucky with his mum Bara took a part at the two-day-international-show in croatian Varazdin and they did great: for both days they achieved Ex.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB, on Saturday BEST IN GROUP on top of that! This lovely result meant he became a Grand champion of Croatia! Well done!



Marvel gone to France

     The last puppy out of B-litter, Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie aka Marvel found his new home in France, at famous kennel Silberweiss Jäger. We believe he will have a happy life full of fieldtrials and -if lucky enough - also some lovely show-results... Good luck, dear boy!   


Special club show KCHVO 

      Our Bond (A Wild and Free of Greynie) took a part at the Special club show in Telc. Under the respected and quite strict judge Mr.Koldinsky got Excellent 3 out of 10 competitors in the Junior class. Very proud of Bond and his owners - nice result moreover it was their show-debut. Thank you guys!



Spring check of Gundog conformation 

      Our Arrya (A Wild Blossom Arrya Greynie) took a part at the Spring Check of Gundog conformation at Sunday the 10th April and with the best result. Bond (A Wild and Free of Greynie) did the same on Saturday the 16th April and again with the best possible result. Proud of them both!



Puppies are leaving... 

      Well, the time is here. Eight weeks have gone and we have to say goodbye to our ourstanding B-litter.
     All the new "Slovakians" left us a week ago. The first was our the only princess Bella (Brave Constance de Greynie), who now lives in Banska Bystrica. Athos (dark blue) and Raoul (aqua) lives near by each other in the north-west of Slovakia at very nice families with two sons.    
      Porthos (yellow) left us on Monday and went to a nice young couple in Switzerland. 
      And today our dear Torrey (Brave Aramis de Greynie) gone with a lovely couple to Karlovy Vary and later will live in Moravia.
      Green Marvel (Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie) is stying with us till his full vaccination and then is going abroad.
     We are very happy that all the new owners of our puppies are such nice people and prepeare the best future to our puppies! Thank you all! 





Andulka is 9! 

     Andulka, Annie, Dulinka, Dule, Andulíček... that's are the call names of our very first weimaraner girl. She is 9 today and she has celebrated it in a weimaraner style at the field. But the biggest present for her is this new bed witht the blanket.. :)
Happy Birthday our dear, we love you and wishing you another healthy nine!  


B-litter is 6 weeks old 

and they are real little monkies and devils. The garden is too small for their plays since the first day they visited it. They are just temperament explorers and discoverers, nothing is too far, high or quick for them. 
     They've already got their official names and registration numbers. And as one of the future owners wanted us to name their boy "Porthos", we decided they all would be Brave musketeers. :)
Brave D'Artagnan de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10124
Brave Athos de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10125
Brave Porthos de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10126
Brave Aramis de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10127
Brave Raoul de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10128
Brave Constance de Greynie - ČLP/VOK/10129
     We deciced to no more keep the reservation for Argentina so

!!! one boy is available just now !!!

for a serious show /work /sport home. 


Veres is a Juniorchampion of Russia!!!! 

     With a big pleasure we received the latest news from Russia - our violet boy from A-litter A Wild Advanture of Greynie took a part at two Moscow shows with really nice results: 2x Ex. 1, 2x CAJC, 2x JBOB & 2x BOS, and this way finished his first title - ***** JUNIORCHAMPION OF RUSSIA *****!!!!! What a great achievement and additional present to his first Birthday!! We are over the moon and thank to Veres owners for their care and effort! Way to go guys! 


Our B-litter is almost 5 weeks old 

and has started to be seen and heard. :) They are around 5 kilos and are fed by a solid food 4 times a day. We took some photos and vidoes here:  You Tube, 3rd week a 4th week.    



     We were very happy to welcome all the A-litter-puppies (except the Moscow-boy Veres) to celebrate their 1st Birthday. We enjoyed a common walk, special Birthday cake for every dog and also a little snake for the owners. Was just lovely day!    


A-litter puppies are 1 year old!!! 



Puppies growing 

     It is going to be the end of the second week of this puppies lives. They are lovely fatty things - all around two kilos of their waight. Mr.Green was the fist one who opened his eyes yesterday, the second one was Mr.Dark Blue. We also dewormed them for the first time  yesterday. HERE you can find their photos from the first two weeks of their lives.



We have puppies!!! 

     For this litter Rory made it a bit suspenseful - she gave the birth to the B-litter on the 65th day of her pregnancy! Puppies were born huge - from 480-550 g! We have 5 handsome boys and 1 beautiful princess, all healthy, lively and gorgeous.


National dog show Brno  

     It was the czech premiere in a Junior class for our A-litter. Just our Barney (A Wild Card Barney Greynie) took a part there and it was not bad despite the fact he has been quite thin recently and was one of the youngest in the stron class of 8 males. The result is Excellent 4/8.
     And the second picture is is a shot of his brother Bond (A Wile And Free of Greynie) - 10 months old now. 


Enjoying winter



New Year Hike

     As usually we organised the New Year Day hike with our doggie friends and it was lovely as always.


Pregnancy confirmed

     We are very happy to announnce the pregnancy of our Rory to stunning Nash has been confirmed. The puppies are due the beginning of February. We have already got few bookings, so don't hesitate for a long time with your inquieries in case of your interest.  



     The most stunning and beautiful time of the year! Our girls spent the Christmas Eve with us, of course. They got their presents, titbits and toys which was great for them after the 15-km long walk during the afternoon. :) Christmas day was again with our big family and shorter walk around our village.
     We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy 2016! Be happy, enjoy every minute of your time and love each other! 


Advent puppy-meeting

     Today we met all our czech puppies from the A-litter. They all have the best owners who love them so much and I am happy for it! We spent few lovely ours walking in the woods, training the obedience in the meadows, socialisation in a pub and at home.. Was lovely day and I hope we will gather as soon as possible again!



Lucky in Croatia

     Lucky and few of his offspring took a part at the 3-day-show in Zagreb. They all went really well and started or finished their titles. Lucky achieved 3x V1, CAC, BOS, Club winner, res.CACIB, CACIB and BOB. This way he's finished his 8th title - Champion of Croatia. The same gained also his daughter Ruby. Well done guys!


Belgian trip

     As Rory started her season in a half of November, we had to set off to Belgium the first weekend of December. We spent few lovely days near by Antwerpen with a pleasant company of our dear Ruzenka, of Edwin and their friends Anick and Jan, who perfectly cared for us in their beautiful house. Nash was a real pro and ther first mating on the St.Nicolaus day and the second almost two days later were succesful and easy. Now we have to only wait for the result of the ultrasound check few weeks later.   


We are working

     The only this year's hunt was a in a pheasantery with our friend Ruzenka and her vizslas Dollar and Libra. Rory worked perfectly and she deserved all the lovely comments of the hunters there. She was a bit crazy compared her usual moode and few days later I found out why - she started her season several weeks before the expected term. I meant the end of this hunting season for us.. 


Nash rocks!

     The Sire of our next litter Nash is going on with his european campaign. He achieved reserve BEST IN SHOW at the IDS Poznan (PL), where more than 3 000 dogs were entered last weekend. And this weekend at the belgian Eurodogshow Kortrijk (also more than 3 000 dogs entered) even BEST IN SHOW!!! HERE you can watch his group-win at the Poznan-show.


Show weekend of our A-team

     This weekend nobody of our experienced show old hands were showed but two boys from our A-litter. Our A Wild Card Barney Greynie was a very naughty boy at the IDS Prague on the 31st October but still the honorable judge Mr.Vaclavik (CZ) found him better than the other competitors. He got him the title Very promissing 1. Unfortunatelly there were no finals for puppies at this show.
     In the far Moscow the biggest 2015-international-russia-show was held the same weekend. And our puppy Veres (A Wild Adventure of Greynie) took a part there and went really great in this hard and numerous competiton achieved for both days Very promissing 2/5 and lovely comments of the judges. And it happenned despite the fact it was his just second show in a life and just unfamiliar handler took him on Sunday. Very proud and happy with this boys!   

Barney at CACIB Prague 2015Barney at CACIB Prague 2015Veres at Russia 2015


Lucky became a very first weim Champion of SKJ

     Another weekend and another championship for our Lucky! At the Danube Duo CACIB Bratislava (SK) achieved the results 2x Ex.1 & CAC, 2x CACIB, BOB & BOS and this way finished the title Champion of SKJ. This is a new type of slovakian championship and Lucky is one of the first dogs and a very first weimaraner who's gained it! Well done! 


Lucky -the new Grand Champion of Hungary

     This weekend Lucky with his mum Bara joined the Double CACIB show in hungarian Komarom. And he went great: for both days became the Best of Breed, on Sunday even BEST OF GROUP 2-nd!!! This way reached his GRAND CHAMPION OF HUNGARY - title!!!! It is already his third grandchampionship together with the czech and slovak ones. We are proud of him!
     His progeny went super as well: Castra Martis Classic Dream - 2x Best puppy, Diamond Delly z Lulecskych lesu - 2x CAJC, 2X BOS, JBOB, Juniorchampion of HU, Drew Rocket Faust's Blue Symphony - 2x CAC, 2x CACIB. Well done!


Show weekend in Austria

     For the first time in this show-season was Rory entered at a show, and it was Double CACIB Tulln in Austria. We spent there lovely weekend with our friends from the kennel Silver Sfinx - including a beautiful walk in Vienna and another walk along the Danube-river.        
     Unfortunatelly the Saturday's judge Mrs. Podushka-Aigner meant Rory was not a weimaraner at all. On the other hand the Sunday's judge from the country of origin (Germany) placed her as the best female of the breed - Ex.1/2, CACA, CACIB, BOS.  

     And the best news of this weekend was the show-debut of our Veres (A Wild Adventure of Greynie), the violet boy from litter A, livin in Moscow (Russia). He performed himself very well and got the result Very promissing & Best puppy of breed! What a nice start of his show-career! Big thanks to the owners for their lovely care and good luck for the next shows!        


Club show Tocnik

     Three of our puppies showed themself at the Club show under the castle ruins Tocnik. They all got the Very promissing mark which was the most important aspect for me. Despite the fact they were the youngest ones in their puppy-classes, they were placed nicely: Barney and Arrya the 2-nd, Aaron the 4-th. I am very proud of them all!  



     And the icing on the cake of this weekend was Lucky's title  BEST IN SHOW at the CAC Trbovlje (SLO). The judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (CH) liked him as much... Very proud of this boy!!


Blood track exam

     We (me and Rory) tried to pass the blood track exam. We were not as lucky as pass it in the I-st merit - the result is II-nd merit, 92/112 points and 3-rd place. And the second photo is our dear russian hero Veres (A Wild Adventure of Greynie) - this is him at the age of 6 months.



Barney's big success

     Mr. Claudio Giulianni (I) was judging the International dog show Mlada Boleslav. We showed him our Annie and two of our puppies - Barney and Arrya. They all went very well: Annie got in the veteran class Ex.1 & Best of veteran. Arrya in the competition of two other much older puppies Very promissing 2 and our naughty Barney Very promissing 1 & BIS PUPPY 3rd!!!! 



Aaron's visit and the Birthday  

     Our "little" Aaronek visited us on Tuesdey. He was not able to join the puppy-meating few weeks ago so they arrived now. He is very nice and very well grown boy with crazy temperament.
     Our puppies had their Half-Birthday yesterday. They all have the best families ever, are spoilt and pampered. We are happy and proud of them. And today her mother Rory is celebrating her 4th Birthday! The eternal clown who has managed and achieved so much! Happy Brithday our Honey, we love you as much as possible!


A-litter-meeting Nr.2  

     Happy day today - our Arrya, Bond and Barney have visited us! It was only a play in the Berounka-river, as there are terrible heats here these days, but still a super time! We all enjoyed it very much! HERE is the today's gallery.


National dog show Veszpren - Herend 

     Our Lucky with his mum Bara and his daughter Diamond Delly z Lulecskych lesu went this weekend to Hungary. He was very succesfull at this small show: Ex.1, CAC, BOB, BEST IN GROUP & Best working dog!! Also the Best brace with Delly!! Big congrats and thanks to the owners! Sorry for the bad-stack-shot, Lucky was a bit tired after all the hot day. Hope the second photo from the ring can give you better idea.. 



Czech national show Mlada Boleslav  

     This show was the first show-opportunity for our puppies from the A-litter. This chance only Barney took and he got Very promissing 1/2 in the baby class. There was shown also our Annie and she was again Ex.1 and Best of Veteran.


Enjoying summer  

     The real summer started a bit late, but suddenly there were thropics. We try to survive in a water - no matter if it is a pond or our beloved river Berounka. If there is not so hot, we try to plan some walks with our friends. Yesterday we were walking with our puppy Barney, who is 4,5 months now. We tried to prepare him for his firs show next Saturday - was not easy as there is still plenty of work..


Double CACIB Szekesféhervár  

     Lucky that time went to Hungary and competed at the Double CACIB Szekesféhervár. And he was succesful: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOS on Saturday, Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB & BIG 3 on Sunday!!! He was competing in the champion class. Together with her daughter Brittany won a title Best brace of the show.


Puppy meeting  

     This was the first Greynie-puppy-meeting and we enjoyed it a lot! Unfortunatelly our boy Veres could not come as he lives in Russia and our girl Arrya was on a holiday with her family. But the rest of the three boys came and had a great time. We tried to train an obedience a bit, show something from the hunting, boys tried to find and point a quail, we catched also a bit of show training. But there was mainy plenty of run, plays and fights.




     Lucky with his mum Bara took a part at the 3-day-show in slovakian Nitra. In the unusually strong competition with an attend of Nash(Doc N'Camelot's Heaven Can Wait) and with the three foreigner judges who we knew they were not Lucky's fans Lucky was not as succesful as usually. It means Excellent 3/3 on Friday, Ex 2/3, res.CAC, res.CACIB on Saturday and Ex.3/3 on Sunday.   Big thanks to Jitka Svobodova for her profi-handling and for these photos.



Andulka became a Veteran champion!!

     Andulka took a part at the CACIB Litomerice (CZ) yesterday and it was for the third time in a veteran class. And for the third time she was succesful: from the judge Ms Hana Kunfalvi (CZ) got Ex.1, Best of Veteran and from the viewers big admiration for her temperament and excitement. She was also selected into TOP 6 of BIS Veteran. This way she became a Veteran champion of CZ!  


Lucky - Beauty champion of Slovenia

     Excellent result and closing of the Beauty championship - it was the National show in the slovenian Koroske for our Lucky. He achieved Ex.1 in a working class, CAC, BOB and BEST IN GROUP!!! Was also shortlisted in BIS hunting dog.


Our puppies have gone

     I never thought it would be so hard to sedn the puppies to the World...
     Our Violet boy went to Russia - ´Moscow. His owners are famous breeders who would like to show him and use in their breeding. Can't wait to see how is Veres growing and what achieves.
     Our Arrya's owners came back from the holiday on Wednesday and it meant Arrya went home as well. She has a big family with many children and I am sure they all are going to be happy together.
     And the last one, our dear Aaron went to Pilsen on Thursday. I am sure he will be a honey for all the family due to his lovely character.
     I wish to all the little ones very happy lifes!


Thanks for this lovely photos to Klara Bubenikova from the kennel Top Banana! 


Lucky is 4 today

     Happy Birthday our dear kangaroo and plenty of pheasants and hares and...


Incredible success of our Andulka!!  

     Another show for our veteran Andulka and another big succes -  Excellent 1, Best of Veteran and BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX!!!!! !



Andulka in a ring again

     After many and many years Andulka came back to a show ring, now to a veteran class. She entered the CACIB Ceske Budejovice and achieved Excellent 1, Best of Veteran. She was also shortlisted for BIS veteran.

     First two boys left yesterday to their new homes. White Barney is going to live close to us and we hope in his show and work career. Blue Bond lives near by Jihlava and we are sure he will use his great work abilities. Good luck dear kids!


Lucky has finished the Championship of Germany

     Lucky achieved Ex. 1, VDH, CAC, CACIB and BOS at the CACIB Chemnitz and finished this way his another Championship.



Andulka is 8 today




Puppies are 1 month old

     and we have first stack shots. Click on the pic to enlarge it.


Champion of champions SK

     During the day of the delivery of our litter A Lucky was competing at the Victory shos and Champions show in slovakian Nitra. Under the honorable judges  (Sanja Vretenic (ME), Rony Doedijns (NL), Gabriela Ridarčikova (SK), Ramune Kazlauskaite (LT), Rafael Malo Alcrudo (ES) a Miograd Vretnic (ME)) achieved this fantastic result: Excellent 1, CAC, Victory Winner and res.BEST IN GROUP FCI VII!!!  Big congrats and thanks to his mum Bara!

     Our puppies have enter their 3rd life-week. They all are more than 2 kgs heavy, started to walk and fight and of course opennned their blue eyes. We have been waiting for the best future owner for the last boy. All inquiry is welcome.


Puppies are almost 1 week old

     and they are no more the grey mice but more little hippos. All of them have overcome their double-born-weight, two boys weight even more than a kilo. HERE you can watch their shots from the first week. 


We have puppies!!

     On Friday the February 27th around a midday Rory started to deliver her first babies. She has been just brilliant mother since the first second - she was even able to give a birth and provide for our the only princess, who was born in a luggage space of my car during the way to a vet-clinic! And what's the result? We have a 4 marvelous and strong boys (420 - 500 g) and 1 gorgeous fair girl (390 g). That's the reason why we have only a boy available. All information of this litter is HERE.  


FEHOVA Budapest, HU

     Our Lucky entered this 4-day-show but only for Friday and Saturday. In the big international competition achieved Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOS from Mr. Erdös Laszlo (HU) on Friday and Excellent 1, CAC from Mrs. Dorota Witkowska (PL)on Saturday. Also Lucky's daughters Brittany Moravia Lord, Call Me Maybe Just Weimaraner and Malayka Grey Fellow went really well -  they all opened the Championship of Hungary. Well done everybody!


It is comming

     Rory is due 48 days today and getting really biiig. She has put more than 5 kilos, even 3 kilos in last 10 days. Our vet told us today there was at least 9 puppies in her belly. So cross your fingers to manage everything well.  



     Another very nice achievement of our Elaine - at the double CACIB show in Brno for both days Excellent 1 & CAC!!! Under the honorable judge Mr. W.Burski, Poland and Mr.J.Jursa, SK. This way she has started her Championship of CZ!!! We are so proud of this little girl and so appreciative of the perfect care of the owners Kaja and Michal!
     But not only Elaine also the other Lucky's offspring went really super: Ennie od Potoka Kacaku Ex.3, All-Star Alonso Atagora 2x Ex.1, CAJC +1x JBOB and Enjoy The Day Just Weimaraner even Ex.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB and BIG 5!!! We are so proud of them and thank to the owners for their care and effort!  


Rory's pregnancy

     Rory has got into the second half of her pregnancy and it has started to be noticable. The belly is full and round, the nipples are growing. She is always ver hungry, but still active, running and working in the fields. We are going to check the amount of the puppies in two weeks and the puppies will be born at the end of February or beginning of March. We have already got few reservations, mainly for girls, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this litter.  


New year walk II

     And due to the big succes of the New Year Day walk we repeated it in even higher numbers on the first 2015-Sunday. 


Excellent start of the new show-season

     It was the most surprising start of the new show season for us! Our little girle with a very stirred destiny - Elenka - wrote her history at the National dog show Brno. She enterd Intermediate as she is just 21 months old. And the judge Mr. Nehyba (CZ) liked her a lot - he awarded her by the title National winner (Excellent 1/2 + CAC + NW)!! This way she finished the last request and became a **** Junior Champion of Czech republic ****!!! What a succes for this girl with really limited showing!    


New year's Day walk

     A traditional walk with our friends and their pointers.



     Our Rory (Gem Of Aleck From Atria Cordis) has proven to be really one of the best show-females in CZ and all around the Europe! In spite of her very limited showing this year and regardless of the „friendly“ or „unfriendly“ judging :) she became
- International Show Champion C.I.E.
- Interchampion C.I.B.
- Grand Champion of CZ
- Grand Champion of Slovakia
- Champion of Czech republic, Germany, Hungary,
- Champion Class Winner at Europe Dog Show Brno
- Club Specialty Winner
- Multi Breed- and Multi Group Winner…

And if I sent the papers on time, she would be placed again in the czech TOP 5 of FCI VII as she was last year… :)

And not just the beauty but also a brain is Rory. She has proven to be very good working female as well. I am very proud of her passing of
- All round exam (VGP) with I-st merit and award for the Best bloodtrack
- Club competition (HZP + water exam) with I-st merit
- Forest exam with II-nd merit
- Water exam with I-st merit

Now we are looking forward to the Rory’s first litter to the fantastic male Camelot’s Some Like It Hot. The breeding has been done so hope in positive confirmation in whelp in few weeks.

No doubt Lucky (Bromhund Sensation at Greynie) has already proven to be one of the best stud dogs all over the Europe. We are very proud of his progeny who have started their show and work career by a fantastic way. We love their temperament, character and health. Any word can’t describe how we are appreciative of Bromhund kennels for trusting us with this exceptional boy.

Neither Lucky did not take a rest this year:
- International Show Champion C.I.E.
- Interchampion C.I.B.
- Grand Champion of CZ
- Grand Champion of Slovakia
- Champion of Poland, Slovakia, Austria
- BIS working dog

And despite the fact we had known he was an excellent worker he added few more working tests:
- All round exam (VGP) with I-st merit
- Forest exam with I-st merit
- Water exam with I-st merit
- Winner of the Masneho-Memorial with I-st merit

 Our Elenka (Elaine od Potoka Kacaku) had not the best start to her life but she has been succesfully rehomed and settled in the new family perfectly. I am so grateful for the Karolina and Michal’s care as Elenka is beeing in a perfect condition and has already started her work training.
But she has already showed herself in the show-ring as well and it was not bad:
- candidate of Junior Champion of CZ
- Club Specialty Junior Winner

We spent a lot of time training, working or just walking and wondering in the nature and also with our friends which is so precious for us. Big thanks to them and to the „Greynie- team“ (especially Pája Píchová and Barbora Zdráhalová) for their hard work – without them it would not be so easy and cheerfull. Thanks ladies!

May the 2015 is as lucky and succesfull as this ending one! Not just for us but also for you everyone!



     Among all the lovely successes of Lucky's progeny mainly his 9,5-month-son All-Star Alonso Atagora has limelighted recently. He has already been a candidate of Junior championship of Slovakia and Poland and moreover became  JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!! at CAC Swiebodzice in Poland. Fantastic result for this young boy!

     And Rorka is enjoying her last weeks before the planned maternity leave. She for example took a part at the big hunt in Kluky (east Bohemia) where 61 pheasants, 3 hares, 2 boars, 1 fox and 1 marten were hunted. Rory worked very well, retrieved several pieces of game and deserved big compliments.




     Lucky with his mum took a part at 3-day-show in croatian capital Zagreb. There were Special club show on Friday and two International CACIB-shows on the weekend. Lucky has become a candidate of croatian Champion of beauty with these results: Ex.1, CAC on Friday, Ex.2 res.CAC on Sat. and Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and Zagreb winner on Sunday.



     This two-day-international-show in Prague was held during the first November-weekend. It attracted us due to the (very rare in CZ) abroad judges - Mr. Zaza Omar (Georgia) and Mr.David Shields (Great Brittan). Elenka was not lucky enough, she received Very good both days.  
     Rory went much better: Excellent 1/3, CAC, CAC CMKU a CACIB on Saturday and Excellent 3/3 on Sunday with this fantastic judge's critique. This were Rory's very last shows before her first puppies. We will see if we manage any hunts before her season...



     This TOP of the show season were 86 SH-weimaraner entered. Both our Lucky and Rory were competing in the Champion class with really beautiful, famous and mainly foreigner competitors. And they both did really superb! Lucky with Bara was showing himself perfectly and the judge Mr.Fr.Nahodil (CZ) awarded him Ex.2/6, res.CAC!!! Rory was perfect with Paja again - this was their third "big" show a life and after the Very promissing at WDS Salzburg 2012 (puppies were not placed there) and Ex.1/14 & CAC in Intermediate at WDS Budapest 2013 now achieved Ex. 1/6 & CAC in the most prestigious class - Champions!!!! We are so happy with this girl...  
     And Paja was also succesful at her life-last juniorhandling - she was shortlisted to the absolut final run on the Sunday final competition!!
    We met a lot of friends there and were pleased by it. And the show was lovely and on the high level which was a bit surprising after the months of doubts.. So thanks to the organiser and to all nice people there! You can check the complete results HERE

 Lucky at EDS 2014Rory at EDS Brno 2014Pája at EDS Brno 2014



     Still on the cloud nine after the last weekend!!! Both Lucky and Rory were entered to the All-round exam, the most difficult two-day-hunting-exam in CZ (very similar to VGP in Germany).
     Lucky competed at the All-round exam in Karvina, CZ. He did just good job for his mum and trainer Barbora and eventhough there were really hard conditions (bad weather, hard reed, Bara's health-indisposition..) he achieved I-st merit and 461/492 points!!!! It is still surprising for me but not only a beauty but also really fantastic brain and hunting abilities has brought this boy into the central Europe!! I have to thank one more time to Bromhund weimaraners for their trust in me! And of course - the biggest thanks belong to Bara for her hard work. Lucky has been her first pointer, she is not a hunter, had to learn everything from the start, managed it with her family with little boys etc.. Great job of this lady! 
     Me and Rory went to the south Moravia to Tesany, our favorite place for training and exams with really nice and friendly people. Rory did her best and it is still surprising for me but we finished this hard exam with I-st merit, 445/492 points and the award for the Best bloodtrack!!!! I am so proud of my little girl who is not only one of the best show-dogs but also a very good hunter!!! It was not easy season for us, I had not as much time as I needed, but Rory managed everything, even more than what I had planned. Again: not just beauty but brain as well... :) 
     So let me introduce our newest UNIVERSAL members of our pack: Double GCh, CIE, CIB, Multi Ch, Multi JCh Bromhund Sensation at Greynie, U    &     Double GCh, CIE, CIB, Multi Ch, Multi JCh, res.BIS, Specialty Winner Gem of Aleck from Atria Cordis, U!!!!!  



     And once again a great work-achievement of our Lucky!! He has passed Memorial V. Masneho (HZP), and went really super: he finished it in I-st merit with lovely 294/300 points, nose and pointing 4 (the best ever)!!! This way he become a Winner of the exam!!!!!

     And the same time Rory tried to pass a two-day-club-exam (HZP on Sat + Water exam on Sun). She did not start well, but was getting better so the final result pleased me: HZP I-st merit, 278/300 points, nose and pointing 4 (best possible), WE I-st merit, 96/100 points, so the Club competition 376 points!!!
All detailed information yu can find at the profile - exam - pagest of both this dogs. HERE is the gallery from the Club competiton. 



     Please have a look at our recent videos on our Youtube HERE.



     Special club show of CZ-club in Maslovice has brought really great succes for our little kennel:
     Our little Elenka showed herself for the last time in the Juniorclass with just incredible achievement: Ex.1 out of 14 females + CAJC!!!! What a succes for this girl!
     Our very experienced Rorka had not been very lucky at the club shows but not today! She fascinated the judge dr.Peter Beyersdorf (Germany), gundog specialist as much as he placed her Ex.1 out of 6 females in the Winners class and Winner of the Specialty!!!!!! He emphasized all her qualities but mainly her movement.
     After few years we took alsou our Andulka, our almost veteran and she got Excellent 1 in the Noble class.
     HERE is a gallery from this show.  



     Lucky has passed the Water exam with just nice result: I-st merit + 83/100 points, which is very pleasing and great training for the All-round-exam... 



     We went for another Forest exam with Rory, now in Beroun-region. It was not as good as we wanted, but still not any disaster: II-nd merit and 216/240 points, nose 4/4. 

Lesní zkoušky Kublov 2014Elainka na MVP Ml.Boleslav 2014
     And that same time our Elaine was showing herself at the CACIB Mlada Boleslav, CZ. She achieved Ex.2/3 in the junior class. Good girl!



     We were pleased by Lucky's last-weekend-achievement in Germany: 2x Ex.1, VDH, CAC, CACIB and moreover Germany Winner.



     Our hunting trainings have finally started to bring the expected succes:
    Our Rory pased the Special Water Exam in Ledce (region Mlada Boleslav) on Saturday and went really well - except one event she achieved maximum of points from all the events and finished with I-st merit and 90/100 points!! It was very nice and friendly hunting function with few friends and we enjoyed it a lot! We would like to thank a lot to Jaromir Gratcl, who has prepared us for the water-work.
     On the other side of Czech republic were
Lucky and Bara trying to pass the Forest exam - much more difficult than the Water-one. Lucky played a blinder and his result says it all: I-st merit, 233/240 points, nose 4 (the best possible)!!! It is more than pleasing to watch the "show-boy" and his fantastic working results! We are proud of this male, of his character, temperament, appearance, work and offspring.
     And to be demanding enough, we finished the weekend at the Forest exam in Vsejany (again Mlada Boleslav - region) on Sunnday. We have had really short training - season due to the Rory's two seasons, false pregnancy with antibiotics, my 4-week-holiday in Australia and other circumstances so it was just big risk. But
Rory went quite well. She messed up the first event (retrieving a fox from a pen), but the next ones were almost perfect. She achieved 224/240 points, nose 4 (the best possible) but due to the limit mark "1" from the pen it was "only" II-nd merit. But still very nice result for this Show-multichampion... There were started 12 pointers at the exam, successfully finished 11, 4 of them with I-st merit, 6 with II-nd merit and 1 with III-rd merit. It was again very nice and friendly event.  



     And just next weekend did Lucky a cut -  at the two-day-show in a remotely placed Velka Ida in Slovakia was not in the best health-condition but still managed to get 2x CAC in a champion class and res.CACIB from both the judges - Mr. Jursa (SK) and Mrs.Musial (PL). This way fulfilled all the requests and is now a new GRAND CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!!! We are proud of him and for his successful progeny all around the Europe as well (both Blue a Fumo in Poland BOB at the age of 9 months, Blue BIS 4 and JBIS 2, Avon in Belgium BIS Baby, Dharma in Slovakia res.BIS Baby this weekend...).

     Rory was trying to use the opportunity to train on max during the prolonged hunt-weekend in Zlutice in west Bohemia. It was organised by Veselí & spol. We trained mainly for a Forest exam (blood track, fox, hare, searching of a game....) and I really hope Rory has kept all the new knowledges and abilities... :)



     This show meant just big success for our little Elaine who has been for only 3 months in her new and better home. And the judge Mr.Koldinsky (CZ) appreciated her new and stronger condition and put her on the 1-st place in the Junior class with a title CAJC!!! It means Elaine is now a new candidate of Juniorchampion of CZ!! She is in the right photo.

     Rory (on the left) was lucky as well - she got Ex.1/2 in the championclass, CAC, National Winner and BEST OF SEX!!! It was the last needed CAC to become a GRAND CHAMPION OF CZ!! So she is now a Double GCH!! We are so proud of her and still can't believe it...

HERE is a photogallery of all the weimaraners at the show. 




     After the not lucky club show the International show in Brno, CZ was just big satisfaction for Bara and Lucky. The honorable judge Mr.Rehanek liked him a lot and placed him on the highest weimaraner level - Ex.1/2 in the champion class, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED!!! Lovely result, moreover if it meant the last step to become a GRAND CHAMPION OF CZ!!!

     Big congrats and big thanks, Bara!



     We decided to use our CAC from WDS Budapest 2013 and set off to Hungary for 3-day-show in Komarom. We travelled with our friends Ruzenka with Dollar and Zuzka with Pluto and it was just superb weekend - quite hot and tiring, but funny and successful. Rory fulfilled the requests for the Champion of Hungary with Ex.2, res. CAC, res.CACIB on Sat, Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and even BEST IN GROUP on Sun and Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOS on Monday!!!  Also the boys were successful and we brought home 3 new champions!



     And after the lazy holiday-May again back to the common daily regime! It means every morning more the one-hour-walk with a training of obedience, hunting-walk, calm at the point, field work from time to time, and the afternoon retrieving, tracks and now water work as well. We have the May-deficit but we are trying to make up for the lost time...



     Not sure if you know, but our club shows are usually a bit "different" and it was so also at this one in Miroslavske Kninice, Moravia. It was lovely please with nice people, good organisation, great prizes for the winners, but for many exhibitors too strict and sometimes a bit strange judging...

     Our Rory did very well - she repeated her last-year-result, it means Ex.2, res.CAC in just strong champion class. Lucky in the same but even stronger class was not Lucky - the judge did not like him. And our Elaine got VG in the juniorclass where only 4 out of 17 females got Excellent.

HERE are few photos from the show.


     Rory competed in Ceske Budejovice and the judge Mrs. Hana Kunfalvi liked her a lot - she awarded her Ex.1, CAC and CACIB.

     And the same time was Lucky fighting in Maribor, SLO. He opened his another championship in style - with  2x CAC, res.CACIB, CACIB, BOB and BIG 3!!!



     On Saturday went Paja and Rory for Moravian-Silesian national show in Ostrava. Rory showed herself very well and with the result Ex.1, CAC opened her second Grand championship - the Czech one!  
     On Sunnday we set off to german Chemnitz. We with Crossba and viszla Timur from Prague, Bára with Lucky and his daughter Brittany from the other side of our country. All of us were very succesful: Rory gained Ex. V1, VDH, CAC and CACIB from the champion class - the result we had wished most of all because this way Rory finished not only the German championship but also both the International championships and is now known as

C.I.E.; C.I.B; GCh SK; Ch CZ, SK, PL, DE; JCh CZ, SK, CRO, PL, A; res.BIS Gem of Aleck from Atria Cordis!!!!! 

I soo appreciate Dorota's trust in me! I have never thought I could have such a fantastic female like Rory is! My big thanks go also to my dear Paja for her big work and great handling! And of course, also to all the judges who liked Rory during all the 2,5 years of her life!

      Lucky went also well - he achieved Excellent 1, VDH in the working class and opened this way another his championship. Brittany was very good as well - she started in the Puppy class and got the best result: Very promissing 1. After some time started Rory and Lucky also in the Brace-competition and they went very well and achieved very nice 2-nd place!!!  
     It was not only very succesfull but also very nice show with many our czech friends due to the close location of the town on the czech border.



     The last March-weekend ment for us big traveling. We were in Nitra, Slovakia on Friday, where Lucky foolowed us during the weekend while we were already in Berlin. But it was worth it!!
- Friday: Rory Ex. 1, CAC and BIG 3 at the Victory show (Champion of chaampions SK)!!! This great achievement was the last step to become GRANDCHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA!!!!
- Saturday: Lucky Ex. 1, CAC, res.CACIB, opened Grandchampion SK 
     Rory Ex. 1, VDH, CAC, Berlin Winner, BOB a TOP 5 of BIG
- Sunday: Lucky Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and finished International show champion C.I.E!!!
Rory Ex. 1, VDH  
     Big thanks to all the judges and of course to Paja and Bara as well!

     And the spring has come and we can again train and work. There is not enough time but we hope in few little work succeses this season.



     Our stunning Lucky and his babies from Just weimaraners took a part at the CACIB Katowice in Poland. All of them went very well: both babies from E-litter got Very promissing 1, girl Enjoy the Life moreover BEST BABY OF THE SHOW 4th and Huntie Excellent 3rd out of 7!!! And our star Lucky Ex.1, CWC, res. CACIB and BEST IN SHOW working dog!! This is the right way to finish a championship and Lucky did it - he is now a new Champion of Poland!!!   



     Our first this year czech show brought another big success to our Rory. She achieved Ex.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BEST OF GROUP under the honorable judge Mr.Jursa, SK. The second day (Sunday) she was Ex.2nd, res.CAC in the Champion class.

     Lucky got Ex.2, res.CAC, res.CACIB on Sat., Ex.3 on Sunday, both days in a champion class.



     We attended the most festive ceremony of the year - the CZ TOP DOG 2013. We were just over the moon to have two our stars placed there: Our Rory was placed TOP DOG FCI VII 3rd (and best female of all breeds of pointers) and it was the most unbelievable result I could ever dream about. She was only a junior at the start of the last season and she missed the first quarter of the season as well. Moreover the weimareners have been the breed with really big competition and level recently in CZ.

     Another star of the day was our Paja, who became the absolute winner of the czech Juniorhandling 2013 - she repeated her last year-result and is again the representative of CZ for the Cruft's 2014.  

     HERE you can see few photos from the ceremony and from the atelier of Jakub Antos. 



     First this-year-show in Slovakia with just hard international competition and just lovely results of both of our Greynies there: both of them entered the Champion class and both of them won their classes. And above that Lucky achieved res.CACIB and Rory even CACIB under the honorable judge Mrs.Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, PL. This way Lucky has finished Slovakian Championship and Rory is missing only one more CAC to became a Grand Champion of SK!   



     After few years the CACIB-show in Nürnberg, Germany again. Hard, but nice competiton of the best weims from Germany, Poland, Italy and Czech republic. Rory achieved Ex.1/3, VDH, res.CAC and res.CACIB out of the working class which was again the most entered class of weims. 



     Traditional walk with friends - for this year with Aurora Sede tornado and her daughter, Francis Rose od Potoka Kacaku and of course our sweet Crossby. Many photos from the walk in this GALLERY.



     Finally we had some time to try and show what has Rory learned in hunting, two Saturdays at the hunts and very good work...




     According to the czech Kennel Club Rory became the best show pointer-female in CZ for 2013 (Best female of FCI VII) and in general the 3rd TOP DOG of FCI VII!! It is just great achievement due to the fact weimaraners are the most CZ-show-entered breed of all pointers and it's not easy to score and get the needful number of points. 

     The same way our Pája became an absolut Winner of the CZ juniorhandling, it means she said goodbye like a Queen. We hope she will represent the Czech republic at the Cruft's 2014.


                                                                                                           DOUBLE CACIB NITRA

     And directly the next weekend we headed to the Slovakia. The honoroable judge Mrs.Ridarcikova lilked our Rory very much and placed her Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB on Saturday in almost the same big competition like in Zagreb. Rory was also shortlisted for TOP 5 of FCI VII. This way she has opened her first Grandchampionship!

     Mr.Jakkel, HU did not like Rory as much and placed her Ex.3rd on Sunday.


Pája with Andulka were the winners of Juniorhandling on Sat and on the 2nd place on Sunday. 


     This-year-Zagreb was not the same we had remembered from last years. Wide european top of weims arrived and the most entered classes were working-females. Rory was not lucky enough on Friday and Saturday - too big for Mrs.Pokorn and too long for Mr.Balducci, so both days Excellent 3rd. But Mr.Vujanovic liked her on Sunday and placed her the best out of 5 females in the working class and moreover added res.CACIB.

     Pája with Andulka were the stars for the weekend - they were the winners of a Juniorhandling which was full of the great international competitors! Very proud of them both!

     Výlet jsme si skvěle užily s Lídou a italáčkem Crossbym, který si ze Zagrebu odvážel hotového Junioršampiona.



     Also the last this year czech show was very succesfull for our Rory - in one of the biggest competitions of this year in CZ (45 weims entered on Saturday, 33 on Sunday)became the most beautifull female for both days, it means Ex.1 in a champion class, CAC, CACIB and CAC CMKU.

HERE is a photogallery from the Saturday.    



     After a week we are in the show rings again. Rory participated at CACIB Ceske Budejovice, CZ and went perfectly! Under the very experienced and strict slovakian judge Mr.Jozef Jursa achieved Ex.1., CAC, CAC CMKU, CACIB and BOB out of 28 weims. But also Mr.Simek in the finals liked her - he placed her BEST OF GROUP 2nd out of 15 breed-winners of pointers!!! 


    This show was also a dernier of our Paja's juniorhandling-career - she is going to be 17 yo and it's a limit for JH in CZ. She almost missed the final round on Saturday due to the Rory's fight for BOB so she and our Annie got "only" 3rd place. On Sunday she was placed 2nd but most of all it was very nice and moving moment because of the lovely send-off from the moderator, friends and viewers. It was just great time, lovely and successfull years and many beautiful wins. We are very proud of Paja and everything what she has achieved.

     The same time Lucky was trying to do his best in polish Rybnik at the Hunting dog show. And he was great - gained Ex.1, CWC, BOS, BOB and BEST OF GROUP 4th!! Also his little daughter Call Me Huntie Just Weimaraner participated at this show which was her premiere and she was just stunning: at this very young age achived BEST BABY IN SHOW 4th!!!!!!

     On Sunday at the National dog show Rybnik, PL achieved Lucky Ex.1, CWC and BOS.  neděli na NVP pak Lucky získal Výborný 1, CWC a BOS. Big thanks to Bara and all the judges - we appreciate it a lot!

     HERE is a gallery from Wroclaw.



     Po Like last year when Rory gained a Junior BIG 3rd and BIG in austrian Tulln and Junior BOB next day in polish Wroclaw we did this harakiri again and it worth.

     In Tulln competed both our Rory and Lucky and Lucky was the more succesfull this year: Ex.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB and BEST OF GROUP 3rd!!! This way he has finished Interchampion C.I.B!!  But Rory went also well - got Ex.1, CACA, CACIB and BOS and as Lucky a Cruft's 2014-nomination. It was just big pleasure watching the BOB-competition in the Greynie-colors...

     On Sunday we set off to Poland. Only Rory was our competitor for this day and she was again perfect: Ex.1, CWC, CACIB, BOS and BOB! This way she has finished her polish title and is now also a Beauty champion of Poland! Big thanks to all the judges who made our weekend (Mrs.Hutsteiner, Mr.Matyas and the others)!


HERE is a gallery from Wroclaw.



     Rory passed the Autumn exam (HZP) with CACT organized by the Czech pointer-setter club and Hunters club Prague 9+10 with this good result: I-st merit, 277/300 points, both nose and pointing marked 4 (the best possible)!! Only 11 out of 15 dogs finished this exam, only 3 in our group (2 with I-st merit, 1 with II-nd merit). This way Rory fulfilled the last requirement to become a breeding female

     All details about the exam you can find HERE. Our latest photos are in this GALLERY




     This show will be written in the history of our kennel forever!  Although "only" 21 weims were entered (but 2 000 other breeds) it brought us just fantastic success!!! Our little

     Elaine for the second and together last time in a baby class got Very promissing 2nd being beaten by her sister Elly Feebe. We are so proud of these girls!

     Lucky went really well (despite the fact his owner and handler was running in the flip flops!) and beat his competitor in the Champion class and then all the other males and became a National Winner (BOS)!

     But the one who should become the "Icing on the cake" our Rory was. Except the lovely comments she got Ex.1, CAC, CAC CMKU and NW from the breed-specialist Mr.Simek, CZ. What a pleasing view to see both our Greynies (Lucky and Rory) running for BOB!!! Well Rory was better as the judge thought and sent her into the final ring. There Mr.Havelka (SK) was fascinated by her and placed her BEST OF GROUP!!And - as the best finish ever - Mrs.Dolejsova found Rory the *****BEST OF DAY - dog****!!!!!!!! On Sunday a lovely barzoi became BIS so Rory is now the


 ************res.BEST IN SHOW**********!!!!!     


     We were and still are more than thrilled with this stunning achievement! Huge thanks go to all the judges and also to the best handler ever - our Paja!

     And Paja was also very succesfull in Juniorhandling - 2nd place on Saturday with Annie and 1st place on Sunday with whipet!!!



Photogallery of weimaraners HERE.




     After one year we took a part at the Weimaraner Club show again, this year in Humpolec and lovely riding area. We were looking forward to this event a lot - there should many Lucky's puppies from "od Potoka Kacaku-kennel" have their show premiere. Among them also our Elaine.

     Very experienced and quite strict judge Mr.V.Koldinsky judged the babies. "Our" three boys and three girls went very well and all got a title Very promissing and just excellent both the written and verbal comments!! The judge highlighted the overal balance and harmony of this litter, their excellent bodies, perfect bite and most of all their temperament and fearless character. It made our day!  We had just big expectances with this litter and they were more than filled! Our Elaine showed herself with our Paja and they achived Very promissing 2 out of 6 baby-girls.


     Rory had her little premiere as well - she was entered for the first time in a champion class being 2 years and 3 days old. And she went not badly there - Ex.2, res.CAC out of 5 females. And Lucky got Ex.4 out of 4 males in the working class - many people who saw this ring told me he was not lucky enough to be judged by an unbiassed judge... :-) 

     HERE is a gallery from all the show and this picture shows the Lucky & Lilly's family od Potoka Kacaku (Lucky on the left, Elaine on the right).


National show Mlada Boleslav, CZ

     It is not usual to have this show in August (it used to be in July...), so only Rory represented us there. She showed herself for the last time in intermediate and got from Mr.Piskay (SK) Ex.1, CAC.

     Paja was also succesfull: won with Andulka the Juniorhandling on Saturday!  

      HERE is a gallery of weimaraners.



     Few weeks after our July-start of a water training we decided to try to pass this type of a higher level of the hunting exams. We were not lucky enough to achieve the Ist merit, but for this our short training and other conditions is our result very good: II-st merit, 71/100 points. The exam was not easy - only 6 competitors finished it with I-st merit, 7 with II-nd merit, 1 with III-rd merit and 2 were not successfull.

     You can find all the details in Rory-test-page.




     This international dog show was as pleasant as always in Mlada Boleslav. We enjoyed just great support of our friends and nice ambience, the big competition (36 weimaraners, 16 breeds of pointers - FCI VII) as well.

     Our weims did their best and the results said it as well: Under the honorable judge Mrs.Tamara Sarmont (BY) Rory achieved Ex.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU and CACIB, Lucky Ex.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB and BOB!!!! This way he has finished a BEAUTY CHAMPION OF CMKU (Czech all-breed-kennel-club championship)!!!  But it was not ehough - in the finals Lucky gained BEST OF GROUP under the honorable judge Mr.A.Szutkiewicz (PL). We are so proud of both our greynies!   

     Paja was very successful for all the weekend: Not only the results above, but JBOB + BOB with GSP and hungarian and res.BIS Puppy with the italian pointer Crossby as well. And moreover 1st place in Juniorhandling with Andulka on Saturday and 2nd place with a tibetian on Sunday! So proud of her!

   HERE is our weimaraner gallery. For the photos above big thanks to our friend Jakub Antos.



     Last weekend we spent in Moravia at our favorite trainer's Jaromir Gratcl, who organised a club training weekend. It was just great time with nice people, in beautiful nature and full of work and interesting experiences. Rory is now able to retrieve game also from a trace or a hidden game, but also to search for a game on deep water, retrieve it from deep water, search for it in reed and stay calm at the place during shooting.

     We spent this fantastic time with Jana and Fik and the both evenings with our little Elaine and her daddy David in Brno. We are happy Elaine is very strong and active puppy with great endurance and taste to work.

     HERE you can look at several photos of all our dogs from last few months.



     This weekend was very succesfull for us: The Saturday's morning we spent doing a nice and pleasant walk with Lucky, his "brothers" RRs and mainly with Lucky's little daughters Ela Feebee and our Elaine, both "od Potoka Kacaku". Later at the show-ground we met also the third girl - Call Me Maybe Just Weimaraner (Ruby). We were just thrilled with all the girls - they are just beatiful and most of all have really great temperament and character.


    At the CACIB-show Brno Lucky was placed 2nd in the champion class and got res.CAC title. But our litle Rory gained Ex.1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, BOB and BEST OF GROUP under the honorable judge Mr.Müller!!! We are so proud of our little girl!!

     HERE you can see all the photos from the weim-ring.

     On Sunday our Lucky with Bara headed to Poland to the CAC-show  Ustroň. Lucky did much better than in Brno and achieved Ex.1, CWC, BOS and finally BEST IN SHOW WORKING DOG!!! Thank you Bara for the handling and all the care! 



     Very nice day and super trip to Poland with our friends Jana and her male Fik (Brody od Potoka Kacaku). Rory achieved Ex.1, CWC in the working class, Fik BOS and res.BIS working dog. Paja was placed 2nd in Juniorhandling. We broke our way home several times to have a lovely lunch and take some photos in Giant and near by the "rock city" Drabske svetnicky (see below).


 As usually we took the photos of all competitors - you can see it HERE



     Only Rory was entered for this show and despite the fact the judge Mr.Dvorak does not like her type she received a flawless judge-report and the result was Ex.1, CAC. Paja was placed 2nd for both days in Juniorhandling,  but under a french judge gained BIS PUPPY with her pupil italian pointer Crossby!!!

     We took the photos of all competitors - you can see it HERE.



This show was very interesting and festive for us due to the australian judge Mrs.Sue Shrigley. We were very curious about her comments of Lucky and Rory. But unfortunatelly Lucky could not enter the ring at the end (after just hard night with a baby Bara was not able to drive the 5-hour-way). But Rory was succesfull and received Exc.1st, CWC in a working class. The judge liked her classic type with australian features and excellent movement. Huge thanks for the nice judging! 

     We took the photos of all competitors - you can see it HERE.



     This weekend was signed in 2nd places for us: both Rory and Lucky Excellent 2nd, res.CAC at the CACIB Litomerice, CZ, under the judge Mrs.Kunfalvi. And Paja both days 2nd place in Juniorhandling.

     Better Sunday for Lucky at the weimaraner club show in Slovakia: Excellent 1st, CAC in a champion class under the honorable judge Mr.Buba. And could be better if we were the members of the slovak club - Lucky received a title Club winner (BOS) but it was removed later. Another joy for us - Lucky's son Crane Niels Faust's Blue Symphony became a winner of the strong baby-class with Very promissing 1st, Best baby of Breed! 

HERE is a gallery of the CACIB Litomerice.


     Let us introduce you our newest aditon - Lucky's daughter Elaine od Potoka Kacaku. All information about her are available on her page Elaine




     We could not miss at the biggest and most festive dog show of this year - World dog show in hungarian Budapest. It was just great weekend for us with many czech and foreign friends, meeting with nice dogs and nice people.

     Our greynies did wery well: Lucky Ex.4 out of 11 males in the working class, ****Rory even Ex.1, CAC**** out of 14 females in very strong Intermediate!!!!!!! What an achievement!!!!!

     And the day before at the Pointer-Club show in Gödöllö brought again a very nice success: Rory Ex.3/6 in Intermediate, Lucky Ex.2, res.CAC in a Working class. Moreover Paja gained with her litte braco-italiano-student Crosby BEST PUPPY IN SHOW and with Annie 2nd place in Juniorhandling! What a day!

     You can look at our photos in our gallery of the Club show HERE and of the WDS HERE.



     Rory has been very lucky girl recently - only great successes for her last weeks. Nothing else at CACIB Prague: Rory gained Ex.1, CAC CZ, CAC CMKU, CACIB, BOB and BEST IN GROUP 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well another great achievement for our little girl... Lucky was not smart enough almost suffocating by a goody :-D but still got Ex.2, res.CAC, res.CACIB in a Champion class.

     Paja with Andulka were the winners of a Saturday-juniorhandling and placed second on Sunday. It was just nice and pleasant show with great ambience in a companionship of our friends from Vives Bohemia kennel and many others.

     You can see our all-weim-gallery HERE.





     Another show weekend for us an another great succes: Rory gained under the honorable judge Mr. K.Reisinger, A, Excellent 1, VDH, CAC, CACIB. But the real Icing on the cake was BEST OF DAY for our friend Brody od potoka Kacaku, expertly handled by our Paja!!! What a fantastic day!




     For the first time in Ostrava and such a great success!! Lucky in a championclass with the much older competitors Ex.2, res.CAC. Our little Rory even Ex.1 (from a working class), CAC, CAC CMKU, National Winner, BOB and BEST IN GROUP 4th!!!!!

     Paja also 3rd place in juniorhandling on Saturday and 1st place on Sunday!!!!



     There were born 10 lovely puppies (5 beautiful girls and 5 strong boys) at od potoka Kacaku kennel. The proud Dam is Multi Ch. Becca Lilly od potoka Kacaku, Sire our good boy Lucky!!! Puppies are healthy, very balanced, without any white spots. We would like to keep a pick girl from this very promissing litter and look for a good and loving home for her. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you are interested in a co-ownership.  



     What a successful Easter for us!! CACIB Ceske Budejovice on the Saturday and Lucky got Ex.1, CAC in a championclass - this way has opened his Grand champion of CZ!! Rory in intermediate achieved Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB and has opened her CZ-Championship. And that's not a finish: Paja with Andulka won Juniorhandling!!! 

     At CACIB Munich (Germany) on Sunday achieved Rory under a very strict judge Mr.Pohling (DE) Ex.1, VDH, CAC, CACIB and this way has openned her second championship of this weekend - now german!! Paja handled also a hungarina vizsla Dollar and they won their Junior class, and also weimaraner Brody od potoka Kacaku and they achieved BEST OF GROUP together. And with this weim Paja won also a juniorhandling and became an ABSOLUTE WINNER OF THE DAY!!!



     What a great great day for us!!!! We took a part at the most festive and prestigious dog show in Slovakia - Champion of Champions 2012 (only Champions and Junior Champions are allowed to enter this show).
     Rory has achieved Ex.1, CAC, Victory Winner in her class "Adult females" and finished this way her slovakian JUNIOR CZAMPION OF BEAUTY!!!
     Lucky entered a Junor class males and this is his fantastic result: Ex.1, CAC, Junor Victory Winner and JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 3rd (JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW 3rd)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge thanks to the honorable judges Mr.Jursa, SK, Mr.Simek, CZ and Mr. Korozs, HU!!!. Huge thanks also to my beloved daughter Paja Pichova for her amazing handling of both our grey ones!!! I'm soo proud and happy of them all!!!


CRUFT'S 2013

     Our Paja was privileged to represent Czech republic as the most successful juniorhandler at the prestigious dog show Cruft's 2013 in Birmingham. It was just great experience for her -  she met a lot of new people, showed her craft of handling in the juniorhalder's competition and also in the real show - she won a Yearling class with a hungarian vizsla Elba z Tisnovskych reviru!!!! For the photo thanks to Paja's friend Jitka Svobodova!



     We did a trip to Poland with Iveta and Jana on Saturday to took a part at CACIB Zielona Gora. Rory went really well: got from the judge Mr.Ryk Excellent 1, CWC, CACIB in an Open class.


     During our way home ve visited the Grey Fellow kennel to see Lucky's first babies there. And must say they are just awesome and beautiful! All details about them including the 5-week-stack-photos are HERE on Lucky's homepage.



     Great weekend for our Rory: Ex.2, res.CAC on Saturday and even Ex.1, CAC, CACIB and BOS on Sunday from Intermediate!!! This way she has finished her first "adult" championship and is now a Beauty Champion of Slovakia!!!! At the age of only 17 months!!! We are very proud of her!

     Another litter of our Lucky was born in Slovakia at Faust's Blue Symphony kennel - 4 strong boys and 1 beautifull girl. All this litter is booked. 


     Lilly has been confirmed in whelp to Lucky and we have still searched for the best co-owner for a pick-girl.



     At the international dog show in Trencin, Slovakia achieved our Lucky Ex.1, CAC, res.CACIB in intermediate under the honorable judge Mr.Erdös Lazslo (HU) yesterday. This way he started his 3rd adult championship. Big thanks to Bara for the handling and this nice result!

     And another great news this weekend - LUCKY BECAME A FATHER for the first time!!!! There were born 4 lovely boys and 3 beautiful girls in the Grey Fellow- kennel today!!! We are so happy!



     We took a part at the ceremonial Champion of champions-show 2012 in Prague on Saturday. Our Paja was awarded a Winner of the 2-nd categhory of Juniorhandling and simultaneously an *** ABSOLUT WINNER OF JUNIORHANDLING 2012*** !!! This way she has been nominated a representive of Czech republic for the prestigious show Cruft's 2013. It means her dream came true...

     In the afternoon the Champ-show started. Both of our youngsters were entered and we are wery happy our Lucky was under the honorable judge Mr.Damir Skok, Cro, awarded the *** WEIMARANER CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS 2012 *** !!! HERE are some photos from the event.



     Lucky has finished his first adult title (at the age of 19 months) at the all-breed-national-dog-show Brno, CZ with Ex.1, CAC in Intermediate, CAC CMKU, National Winner!!! Now is a BEAUTY CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC!!!! Also became a candidate of a championship of CMKU (CZ-kennel-club-authority). We are proud of this boy and his mum Bara!

     Our Paja was placed 2-nd in Juniorhandling both days. Good girl! 




     Lovely walk today with some friends in Hvezda, Prague. It's almost a tradition for us which is more than loved by our dogs...



     The year 2012 has surpassed all my expectations . We have achieved so many successes I never had dreamed about.

     A really bright jewel was surely our Lucky but the biggest thanks and admiration go to Bara, who managed to do soo much with Lucky despite the fact she was a complete novice in hunting and was a mum of a little boy and later was expecting another baby (who should born in April). It is always much harder for women to train dogs and care for children and family so from my point of view she is a star even among all the most successful men.  It is mainly her win Lucky became a stud dog already at the age of 16 months with many hunting- and show-successes behind him.

     Bara with huge help of the World-best trainer Jaromir Gratcl enabled big evolvement of Lucky’s hunting abilities which a bit surprised us being so good.  Thanks to this lucky constellation Lucky passed an Ability exam (VJP), Autumn exam (HZP) and Blood track exam in I-st merit and Forest exam in III-rd merit (only due to a limit mark), he became a WINNER of the Autumn and Blood track exam!

      At the beginning of the show season he was allowed to enter only a Puppy class (due to the age-limit). In spite of it  he became a Junior champion of 5 countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria) and a candidate of the Champion of Czech republic and Austria. He has been awarded many times Best of Breed, Junior Best of Breed, Junior Best of Group but scored also in an „adult“ competitions in a main ring. He was awarded reserve Best Junior of the Day at the all-breed National dog show Mlada Boleslav. At the IHA Tulln, Austria received a qualification for Cruft’s 2013.

     He was bred to two nice females recently (from Poland and Slovakia) so we are waiting for good news and the beautiful and healthy puppies later.

     Now Lucky works at the hunts and uses everything he has learned. We can be very proud of him and look forward the next show- and exam-season which is going to be very demanding with Bara’s new baby…


     But the completely unexpected and surprising star became our baby Rory. Although she was allowed to enter only a baby or puppy class for half of the show-season 2012 (thus the not-counted classes), she finished the season as a 3rd BEST WEIMARANER FEMALE IN CZ (4th WEIMARANER IN TOTAL ORDER)!!!!!!! She is at the age of only 15 months a Junior champion of 5 countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland and Austria). She has been awarded many times Junior Best of Breed and three times Best of Breed. She was successful very often in the final competitions – several times Junior Best of Group, also JBOG 2nd and 3rd. At the CACIB Tulln (Austria) got a qualification for Cruft’s 2013 and achieved the title BEST OF GROUP (at the age of 13months!!), at the CACIB Wels (Austria) BOG 4th. Her biggest succes was a title BEST JUNIOR OF THE SHOW 3rd at the CACIB Nitra, Slovakia (2300 all-breed dogs entered)!!

     I know very well my Paja is the person who provided all that successes - she is for me the best handler ever! Big thanks my dear daughter! I hope you will keep your love to the dogs and handling for all your life and be soo good forever!

     After a short and not very intensive training we tried to pass an Ability exam (VJP) and we went really well – I-st merit, 225 points out of total 228 and 2nd place!!! Another exams wait for us next year…


     Both Lucky‘s and Rory’s health was tested and examinated and we are happy we can say their hips, elbows, eyes and heart are completly healthy! I am not able to find enough words to thank to Bromhund kennel and Atria Cordis kennel for entrusting these fantastic individuals into my hands, for their help and support! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!


     Even our Andulka did not idle – she has finished her Grand champion of CZ at her age of 5 years at the National dog show Klatovy. But she had not been retired before – she still runs with Paja in Juniorhandling. And it is also her big worth Paja has became the absolutely BEST JUNIORHANDLER OF CZECH REPUBLIC 2012 and been qualifying for Cruft’s 2013 as a representative of CZ!!! I am very proud of her and happy she made her big dream true. Hope the Cruft’s will be as big and unrepeatable experience for her as she imagines. 

     It is still an unbelievable enumeration for me and I only quardedly try to hope our bad luck from last years has been broken and we can look forward to the exciting 2013-season.



     Dopple CACIB Wels (2 500 dogs entered every day) was for us the latest show-event of this year and entailed just great success! Mrs.Dr. Vacsi-Balogh, HU gave on Saturday to our Lucky Ex.1, CACA, CACIB and BOB and to our Rory Ex.1, CAJC, Jugendbester and JuniorBOB. In the final competition achieved Lucky with Paja BEST OF GROUP 4th!!!

     The evening and night we spent in a lovely pension and very good restaurant in Hörsching near by Wels. And Sunday was a bit luckier for Rory - she got from Mr.Urosevic, SRB Ex.1, Jugendbester, JuniorBOB and BOB. Lucky was again the best male of the breed - Ex.1, CACA, CACIB. Rory went great also in the main ring and achieved BEST OF GROUP 4th like Lucky the day before and moreover BEST JUNIOR OF THE GROUP!!! This fantastic way they both finished their 5th Juniorchampionship and became also the Junior champions of Austria!!! We are very proud of them both!!!

     HERE you can find a gallery of the December-shows.





     Last weekend we spent in Nitra, Slovakia, where DUO CACIB was held. Lucky had been entered for the first time to the working class and it was mission impossible competing with the about 2 years older European winner Roger. :-) So Ex.2, res.CAC both days and res.CACIB on Sunday for Lucky.

     Our little Rory went much better: she had been entered for the first time to the Intermediate on Saturday and got Ex.1, CAC from 6 females! But even better result on Sunday: for the last time in the Junior class in Slovakia and Ex.1, CAJC, Junior BOB, Junior BIG and **** JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW placed 3rd!!!!!!!!!!! *****   

     And other good news we have: Rory's hip- and elbow-scores have arrived and are very good (B/B and 0/0)!! Her heart and eyes have been also checked and the results are negative!  



     Rory being already a Junior champion of CZ entered for the last time a Junior class (she's not allowed to enter any different class due to her low age) and went really great! Excellent 1 (from 3 competitors) and CAJC on Saturday under the honorable judge Mr.Dvorak, CZ and Excellent 1, CAJC and BEST JUNIOR OF THE BREED on Sunday under the honorable judge Mr. Koldinsky, CZ!!! But it was not enough - res. BEST JUNIOR OF THE GROUP in the final ring in the afternoon under the hunting dog specialist Mrs.Dvorakova, CZ!!!! Fantastic last performance in the cz-junior class at this show of 3 200 dogs entered! Huge thanks to all the judges and all our friends for their suppor at the final ring!

     HERE is our weimaraner gallery from Saturday and HERE from Sunday. For this lovely photo huge thanks Jakub Antos.





     We managed to pass an Ability exam (like VJP in Germany) with our Rory in really awful weather (for all the day no more than 0°C, rain with snow, later heavy snow, strong wind...). Rory as the very first dog in our group, was lucky enough to find and point ducks next to a pond, showed her track-work and then her systematic searching for a game at the nearest meadow. The judges were very pleased with her work so the final result was just fantastic: I.merit, 225/228 points, nose 4 (the possible maximum) and moreover 2nd place!!!!. All the documents and other information are HERE.





     Rory has finished her 3rd Junior-Champion-title yesterday at CACIB Ceske Budejovice, CZ and is now at the age of only 13 months a Junior Champion of Czech republic, Poland and Croatia!!!!!! She became also a Best Junior of the Breed!!!

     Paja with Andulka were placed 2nd in Juniorhandling.

     It was lovely day with our friends Jana N. and Mila and Jirka S. HERE you can see the weimaraner gallery by Jiri Santarius.



     This last weekend was the real cherry on the cake of the September-successes. Lucky and Rory were entered at the all-breed-CACIB-show Tulln, Austria (2 590 dogs entered) and they went very well - they both got Excellent 1, Jugendbester and qualification for Cruft's 2013 from the honorable judge Mrs.Veronika Schödl! This way Rory has started her 5th Junior Championship and Lucky needs only one more win to become JCH of Austria. In addition Rory became BEST OF BREED and later in the main ring under the honorable judge Mrs. Sigrid Jarmer BEST JUNIOR IN GROUP 3rd place and at the end

***BEST IN GROUP***!!!

Unfortunatelly there was not a BIS-competition held that day (all group-winners competed on Sunday), but still a huge a succes for our little 13-month-old girl! Big thanks to both ladies-judges and also to Bara Zdrahalova and Tereza Subertova who were the excellent handlers who leaded her to this fantastic results as Paja was competing at CAC Brno, CZ and later became a winner of Juniorhandling!!!! What a day!!!!   


     On Sunday we set off on the contrary to the North to CACIB Wroclaw, Poland (2 700 dogs entered) - this time only with Rory. It was lovely trip with our friends Iveta, Jana V. and Jana N. and almost everybody from our 4 weims was succesful! Rory  achieved from the honorable judge Mrs. Dorota Witkovska Excellent 1 from 3 females in junior class, Junior Winner and than JUNIOR BEST OF BREED!!!!! This fantastic way (3 polish shows and 3 times Junior BOB!!!) she has finished her second title - JUNIOR CHAMPION OF POLAND!!!! We did not wait for the final competitions before the long way home... Huge thanks to all the nice people (judges, friends..) who made our weekend!!



     Another weekend in September and another long trip - for this time to Zielona Gora in Poland where a National dog show was held. We went with our friends Iveta and Jana and their dogs and everybody of them was successful! Rory has achieved Excellent 1, Junior Winner, Best Junior of the Breed!!! This is the second title from 3 needed to become a Polish Junior Champion - we are going to try to get the last one next weekend but it will be much harder at the International show...



     September is probably the most crowded month a year. Another weekend behind us and was again very demanding.

     Friday morning we set off to our big friend and great trainer Jaromir Gratcl to examine Rory's abilities. She could work on the milliions and millions pheasants so it was just big experience for her.

     On Saturday there was a Weimaraner specialty in Telc, where 140 weims were entered. Both our competitors went really well: Lucky Excellent 1, CAC in Intermediate and also has been included into breeding program as a STUD DOG!! Rory Excellent 3 from 13 junior-females!


     And finally on Sunday we went back to Tesany to repeat our training and I can say Rory was working much better than on Friday. So hope she's going to be a good hunter. :-)



     Very demanding but very succesful weekend is over: Friday evening we set off to Bratislava and then after 4 am with our friend Monika to Karlovac, Croatia. Long trip but very nice show, lovely weather, nice people... Rory had needed her last CAJC-title after the Split-shows and we hoped she could get it there. Well she got but not only CAJC!!!!! Also Best Junior of Breed, Best of Breed and non offcial Best Junior in Group (shortlisted for JBIS from VII-th group FCI)!!!! This fantastic way has finished her first title and is now a ***** JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CROATIA*****!!      

     And during the afternoon we received a great news from Bara and Lucky - Lucky has passed All-breed BLOOD TRACK EXAM as a WINNER with I.merit, 114/124 points!!!!!! Wooohooo! What a result!!!! So proud of them both and huge thanks to Bara she did so much with Lucky!! And also huge thanks to Bromhund weimaraners who trusted us and give us such fantastic boy!!!!



     Rory is not a puppy anymore - she celebrated her first Birthday on tuesday. You can watch her latest photos HERE.



Another great weekend for Greynie: Lucky for the first time entered an "adult" class - intermediate - and achieved Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB (best male) and just fantastic comments from the judge Mr.Buba. Rory probably already started her Birthday-celebration due to her achievement Excellent 1 (out of 6 females!!!), CAJC, BEST JUNIOR OF BREED!!!!! And it was not the end - Paja with Andulka won Juniorhandling!!! And the same achievement gained Paja on Sunday but with mops!!!

     Big thanks to the honorable judges and also to all our good friends who made our weekend sunny and lovely! All-show-gallery you can see HERE



     Lucky has fulfilled last breeding-required hunting exam on Saturday!!! Forest exam (blood tracking + fox retrieving) in Ostrava started well but at the end a limit mark sent Lucky to III.merit but with great points 211/240. We are very proud of him and also his mum Bára who was complete novice in hunting before taking Lucky!!! Only thanks to her hard work is Lucky at the age of only 15 months ready to become stud dog!!!


DUODANUBE 2012    

     We attended this 2-day-show in Bratislava, Slovakia, last weekend. Rory with Paja went really well - got both days Excellent 3rd and very nice comments from the judges.

     HERE you can see the photos of all weimaraners being showed there for both days. For this lovely photo huge thanks our friend Jakub Antoš.



     On Sunday Rory has started her 4th title - Junior championship of Poland at the CAC-show Legnickie Pole. She got Excellent 1, CAJC, Junior BOB and just great comment from the honorable judge T. Chwalny: Excellent, great built, great moving bitch, dynamic, attractive, perfect also in static.



     Nice success have brought Paja and Bara from this very demanding event: Lucky despite the fact some females were very odorous showed himself on maximum and got all 4 days Excellent 1, CAJC and Junior Best of Breed and this way gained his 4th title *** JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CROATIA ***!!!!! We are very proud of him and thank a lot to Bara for all the work for him! 


     Rory started very hopefully - first two days 2x Excellent 1, CAJC, but then it was no more so successfull. We will see whether go so long way for the last title...

     And last success went for Paja - in the huge competition of much older and more experienced juniorhandlers achieved 3rd place on Sunday juniordhandling!!!! We are soo proud of our young lady!!



     Our successful young man Lucky is going on - on the two DOG FESTIVAL SHOWS in Velka Ida, Slovakia achieved 2x Excellent 1, 2x CAJC, 2x Junior BOB, BOB, Slovakia Junior Winner and Dog Festival Junior Winner!!! This way has finished his third title and is now a





     The best ever news has arrived: Lucky is HD A/A, ED 0/0!!!!!! Sooo happy!!



     At the National dog show Mlada Boleslav, CZ (1250 dogs entered, 34 weims) our Lucky has finished his second title - JUNIOR CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC - and did it in style: Excellent 1, CAJC (from 4 juniors) and res. Best Junior of the Day (the second best junior from all breeds of I, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII and X-th groups FCI)!!!!  Our Rory went also well - Excellent 2nd (being the youngest one from 7 junior-females)!!!

     Both our juniors showed themself in a Brace-competition and seemed great! And our Paja won the juniorhandling on both days - on Saturday with our Annie and on Sunday with a siberian husky!!!
HERE you can see our Greynie-gallery, HERE all entered weimaraners.




     Despite the terribly hot weather (35 °C) and with really strict judge Mr.Vaclav Koldinsky (CZ) it was just great day for Greynie: Lucky beat his two competitors in the Juniorclass, got an excellent report and achieved Excellent 1, CAJC

     Rory (10months + 2 days) entered a juniorclass for the first time in CZ and was successful as with her slovak premiere: Excellent 1, CAJC. This way she has started her second Juniorchampionship! JuniorBOB-competition with only Greynie dogs was just big pleasure for us - at the end Rory won over Lucky!!!,

      We had also entered our Andulka. She had not been shown since we realized her family was suffer from epilepsy and removed her out of breeding program. But she is still our love and because of she looks still great, we decided to try to finish her last title. And she was really good - beat her competitor in the Winner class, got Excellent 1, CAC and became GRAND CHAMPION OF CZECH REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!  We are so proud of all our beloved dogs!!

      And Andulka went on with Paja at Juniorhandling, they were soo good again and rieched 1st place!!! Paja also handled two foxteriers and won their classes and than Welsh Springer Spaniel in the main ring with just fantastic BIG 3!!!

      Also on Sunday was Paja the best juniorhandler - for this day 1st place with a pug!!! Happy happy with all these fantastic results during all the weekend!!

       You can see our Greynie-gallery HERE and photos of all competing weimaraners HERE. For the lovely photo above huge thanks Lida Machacova.




     Fantastic achievement for Bara and Lucky this weekend: they have passed an all-breed Autumn exam (HZP) with I.prize, 292/300 points, 1st place, mark of nose 4 (the best) and a notice in Lucky's report-card "a dog with an exceptional nose"!!!!!! We are soo proud of our australian boy and of course of his excellent handler Bara!!! It is incredible success for this young boy who had been choosen for show rings, not for fields...




     Another hard weekend for us - 3 shows in Slovakia. We were departing without any expectations - it was Rory's premiere in a Junior class and we knew there would be really big competition.

      National show in Senec was not good for our Lucky - the judge did not like him. But he liked Rory and evaluated her with Excellent 1, CAJC!!!! This way she has started her first Juniorchampionship at the first attempt!!!  Both Lucky and Rory showed themself in a couple competition and looked nicely from my point of view...

       Saturday show in Nitra in the contrary was not good for Rory. But Sunday judge again liked her and evaluated with Excellent 3 out of 5 very nice and much older and more matured girls.




     Great show and great days with friends this weekend! Rory went very well in a Puppy class and achieved Very promissing 1 with perfect comments from the judge Mrs.Kocova. Paja with Annie in Juniorhandling on Saturday 1st place and with Japanchin on Sunday 2nd place!!!  All photos from Saturday-judging are HERE.



     We are adding a link to a huge photogallery of the fantastic shots of our girls by Pes Jira. You can see it HERE.



Work exhibition, Club show, Ability exam, World dog show

      On Friday of 11th May Lucky with another 6 dogs took a part at the weimaraner work-exhibition in the fields around Detenice. They all showed very nice and passionate searching although the weather was really terrible for this event - sunny with 29-30 °C. It was the reason why there was not any game, only our Lucky found some doe. HERE you can see a movie from all that day.

     Both Lucky and Rory took a part at the weimaraner Club show Detenice on Saturday. They both went very well and got fantastic comments from the honorable judge Mr. Dvorak, CZ (Lucky: dog of a middle skeleton, noble body-building, straight strong back, correct top- and bottom-line, excellent angulation and movement, young dog still developing, excellent handling, size 66 cm. Rory: young female, typical female expression, elegant noble proportions, US-type, still developing. Excellently handled. Size 60 cm). Lucky achieved Excellent 2nd out of 10 juniors, Rory beeing the only puppy Very promissing 1, Best Puppy of Breed!!  They both also started for the first time in the pairs to train if for the future... More photos HERE.

    Next day, on Sunday Lucky went to try passing the CACT-Natural ability exam in Tesany in Moravia and did really great: achieved I.merit, 208/228 points with mark of his nose 4 (the best)!!!! We are so proud of our young talented hunter (previous kangaroo :-D ) and of course of Bara as well!!!

      And on Thursday we set off to Salzburg for the World dog show 2012. We spent fantastic two days all together with Bara and Lucky, enjoying our lovely accomodation and the Alps around. Not the best organisation of the show so we were a bit stressed there, but still great achievement of Lucky - Excellent 4th in the Juniorclass being almost the youngest one there!!!  Rory was not happy to show herself that day, but with both another girls in a Puppy class got Very promissing. And Paja with Andulka were shortlisted for a semifinal of Juniorhandling!! Many photos from all the trip HERE.

For these photos big thanks to Pavla Plzakova, Pes Jira and Jakub Antos!! 



     At a CACIB Prague Rory got Very promissing 2 behind her beautiful sister Grace. Paja gained fantastic results with her handlings - weimaraners Alfik BIG 2, Fik CAC, res.CACIB, Lilly res.CACIB and with auvergnen pointer BOB. In Junorhandling 3rd place on Sutarday and 1st place on Sunday!! 

     Photos of all weims are HERE.



     Rory has celebrated her 8-month-birthday as the only weimaraner at this little show (800 dogs entered). And she went great - got Very promissing and an excellent comment from one of the most experienced nad respected judge Mr.Nemec. Unfortunatelly there were not any final competitions for babies nor puppies here (they are very rare in CZ).
     Pája with Annie achieved 1st place in Juniorhandling!!!!
HERE are some photos also from Jakub Antoš - big thanks!



      At the National dog show Ostrava got Lucky Excellent 3rd in the Junior class. Our Paja had a big handler's sucess with the stafford bull terier Srdce - National winner. And for both days 3rd place in Juniorhandling!
     On Sundary Lucky attended a Spring  check of gandogs with the best possible result.



     Our Rorynka passed a hunting dog check today, which is the first obligatory event to be allowed to pass all hunting exams in CZ. Well now we know we have a standart, 62 cm high female with full dentition and without any faults. HERE you can look at the certificate and HERE are the photos.

     And  our Annie has celebrated her 5th birthday yesterday - it is unbelievable where the time has gone... Happy Bday and all the best our lovely girl!! 



     Saturday: Lucky has started his 4th juniorchampionship at the CACIB Ceske Budejovice, CZ with really nice comments of the judge Mr. Buba and an achivement Excellent 1/3, CAJC!

      Sunday: Big success at the CAC Sarvar, Hungary!! At the age of only 10 months Lucky has finished his first juniorchampionship in style with Ex.1/2, CAJC, Best Junior of Breed, Best of Breed, Best Junior in Group and shortlisted for Best Junior of  Show (top 5)!!!! We are so proud of our newest juniorchampion of Hungary!!!

      And the third success goes for Paja, who was placed 2nd in Juniorhandling at the CACIB Ceske Budejovice!! 






     We are very proud to announce Lucky won his class (5 dogs on Sat, 4 on Sun) and got Ex.1, CAJC both days. He is not completely fit yet after the injury from Graz - the wound started to complicate and he had to have a surgery, but now it looks to be quite good), so it is very big pleasure and joy for us. 

     Huge thanks to Bara and her care about the sick one and for the excellent handling - we are proud of you!! 




     Rory has celebrated her half-birthday and is 60,5 cm and 25 kg now. 



     After a week we are bringing another great news about Lucky - he achieved Excellent, CAJC, Junior Best of Breed and Junior Best of Group at the CACIB Graz, Austria!!! There was not the JuniorBIS-title awarded so it was the possible maximum for Lucky!
  Unfortunatelly there was a bad experience for Lucky - he was bitten by a ridgeback a short time before the final competition. But hopefully he has a great character and it seems to be ok - psychically and physically...



     A lot of unbelievable successes (and also very interesting experiences :-D ) for our young kangaroo in Budapest, Hungary! He was entered for the first time in Junior class as being 9 months and 10 days old and showed himself just fantastic:

CAC Feb.16th
., judge: Szandor Szabo, HU (almost 1 000 dogs entered) 

Excellent 1, CAJC, JuniorBOB, BOB, shortlisted for JuniorBIS and BIS

AC Feb. 17th, judge: Monika Blaha, AT ( 400 dogs entered)

Very good 1 - Lucky ran too fast as a weimaraner for the judge.... :-D 

CACIB Feb. 18th
, judge: Kardos Vilmos, HU (1 100 dogs entered)
Excellent 1,
CAJC, JuniorBOB, BOB, shortlisted for BIG (in TOP 5) 

     What a fantastic premiere in Junior-class!! We are so proud of our little boy and his excellent owner/handler Bara!!  More info on Lucky's own website.

04.- 05.02.2012


     We enjoyed the last weekend at the biggest dog show in Czech republic - DUOCACIB Brno (almost 10 000 dogs entered) and we did just great:

- Lucky showed himself for the last time in Puppy class and went good - under the fantastic handling of his coowner Bara Zdrahalova achieved Very promissing 1 (Best Puppy-boy of Breed) for both days

- Rory went soo well as 5-month-puppy in the Baby class and got 2x Very promissing 1 (Best baby-girl of breed) as well. Unfortunatelly there were not the final competitions for babies and puppies...

- Pája had a fantastic days too: she achieved 1st place in Juniorhandling on Saturday with the English setter Gold and on Sunday with our dear Andulka!! Huge success for her!


     As you can see we achieved EVERYTHING what we could, so we are really very proud of our team! 
     We also took a lot of pics:
HERE you can see a little Greynie-gallery, HERE is an almost complete gallery of the weim-ring (mainly from Saturday) and here are complete weimaraner-results of Saturday and Sunday.



     Lucky - the only representative of our kennel at this show - went fantastic again and achieved TOP 5 BIS PUPPY-BOY!! Very well done Bara!

     More info on Lucky's own website. 



      Paja was awarded 3rd Best Juniorhandler of Czech republic in 2011!!  We are so proud of our girl!



     The first show-weekend in 2012 was just great for Greynie!! We enjoyed it with our friends and other acquaintances and spent wonderful time. Lucky went great in a basic ring under the judge Mr.Sieikowski Lezsek., Poland and got fantastic comments and the title Very promissing 1. Then showed himself in a main ring and achieved an amazing result Best Puppy of Breed and BIS PUPPY OF THE SHOW 3rd under the judge Mrs.Grygarova. We are sooo proud of our stunning boy!!! 


     Then our debutante Rory followed and with Bara Zdrahalova did very good job - she got very nice comment and the title Very promissing 1. We were happy with her attitude and behaviour at the show!

      And the last star was shining during the weekend - Paja achieved 2nd place in Juniorhanding on Saturday with Annie and 1st place on Sunday with a Chinese Crested Dog Gucci!!! 

     HERE are some photos from our friends - our camera went with us but without a card... :-(



      First walk in 2012 was around the chateau Hvezda in Prague with our dear friends from Od potoka Kacaku kennel. Thank you very much for the nice afternoon, Iveta and weim-girls! HERE are some more pics.  




     Nice Advent walk today with the owners and the part of the pack of Silver Sfinx kennel. Great wheather, great people and dogs - was the best morning. Thanks Mila and Jirka for this meeting and fantastic photos!
      Today's photos
HERE and last photos of Rory HERE.


19.- 20.11.2011


     Lucky for the first time in Puppy-class and at once a show-star: both days of this big international show (2500 dogs entered, 37 weims) got Very promissing 1, Best puppy of Breed and shortlisted for BIS PUPPY (Saturday 5thplace, Sunday 4th place)!! So proud of him and big thanks to Bara for her great handling!


Our Rory enjoys her baby-age and plays very much with Annie and other friends. Her latest photos you can see HERE - big thanks to Jakub Antos for some of them! 



     Great party with our friends on Friday night and the show on Saturday. Lucky went great for the last time in a baby-class and got Very promissing 1. Unfortunatelly there was not baby-final-competiton...
     For this photo (and all the others) thank very very much to Jakub Antos!


       On Sunday Lucky celebrated his 6-month-birthday - he's now 62 cm and 26 kg, with full dentition and just good character. Can't wait for the start of his hunting carieer...    



     We are happy to come again in a very short time with our new addition - lovely girl Rory (Gem of Aleck from Atria Cordis). All details about her are HERE.



    Paja with Andulka did it again - 1st place in Juniorhandling! We are so proud of both our girls! 


     And our baby Lucky got Very promissing 2 at this second czech show for him - didn't want to run a lot on the terrible hot asphalt surface. But had a great time with both dogs and people and we also took many photos of him (for these stunning photos thanks Jakub Antos, Monika Peliskova and Leona Hulatova). Our gallery is HERE.




At the age of 4 months and 5 days and 11 days after his arrival Lucky took a part at the Anniversary Weimaraner club Show (144 weims entere) and went just great!!! Best baby boy (Very promissing 1) and then in the main ring despite his big fatigue after all the hot day went so well and was bet only by a lovely more than 5,5-month-old baby girl. Thanks to all our friends and other members for their nice comments - we appreciate it very much. Soooo  proud of our little baby and many thanks Bara for her excellent job!

     Paja handled Atrey z Holubich haju (Ex.1, CAJC out of  13 dogs), Santi (Ready to Party Enryb - Excellent 3 out of 14 dogs, became stud dog), Amber the Jewel of Diam Weim (Very promising 4) and Hanky Panky with Sirius Nova (Club winner!!). Big congrats to them all and of course to all winners!


      And finally the big success which Paja achieved with our Annie - winner of Juniorhandlig with just lovely comments of the judge and also many viewers! Kisses for you girls - we are more then proud of you both! ;-)


     Three last shows in australian home for Lucky and Suz this weekand and again great results - 3x BABY OF BREED, 1x BABY IN GROUP !! Huge thanks Suz for everything she did for us and Lucky - we appreciate it very much! More in Lucky's shows...

       And at our side of the world our Paja with Annie went fine - they achieved 1st place in habitually big competiton of Juniorhandling! We are very proud of them both! HERE several photos from the final ring.
       We also watched weims - complete results
HERE and photos HERE.

Another very nice successes achieved by Lucky this weekend in Melbourne handled by wonderful Suzanne: at Lillydale Kennel Club All Breed Championship on Saturday and also at KCC Park Show All Breed Championship on Sunday won BEST BABY OF BREED!! Way to go our sweet boy! Thanks Suz!
     More on
Lucky's website...
This weekend ment Lucky's show-premiere in hiw australian home and first Baby of Breed for him!!Thanks Debbie for this video.



      Let me introduce Lucky's new website made by brilliant Barbora Zdráhalová -  future Lucky's mum. Feel free to visit it - we will be pleased to see you there as often as possible...

CAC Mlada Boleslav
Another very successfull weekend -  Paja in Juniorhandling 3rd place with Andulka on Saturday and lovely 2nd place with basenji Nganga´s Jimi Hendrix on Sunday! Thank you Petra for lending Jimi! Big thanks Jakub Antos for this gorgeous photos.  Our gallery from Saturday is HERE and from Sunday  HERE. On Sunday we took also photos of weimaraners - you can see the gallery HERE.


Huge achievement for our duo Paja + Andulka at WDS Paris!! They beat very numerous and very quality competition in Sunday-juniorhandling and achieved  incredible 1st place!!  Photos you can see HERE.

      Fotky si můžete prohlédnout



      With the biggest pleasure we would like to announce our new team-member Bromhund Sensation at Greynie "Lucky". All information about him HERE or later on his own page.



     Paja with Andulka achieved another big success - they won the older cathegory of juniorhandling at Saturday's dog show Klatovy. Pája also handled stafford "Srdce" - Ex.4/14, weims Lilca (Beca Lilly od potoka Kačáku) - Ex. 1,CAC and Santiago (Ready to Party Enryb) - Ex. 1, CAC, National Winner!!
Of course we were also taking photos of another weims - you can see them



     We took a part at CACIB Prague yesterday. Paja handledl Lilca (Beca Lilly od potoka Kačáku) and they achieved Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and finished czech juniorchampionship. We also took some pics - you can see them HERE.

     After it Paja with Andulka won their category in juniorhandling and got a nice cup and some gifts.   

     It was beautiful day with our friends and dogs.



We took a part at club Special show in Cerveny Hradek on Saturday, where were 109 weims entered. Paja handled Brody od potoka Kacaku in intermediate class and got from a judge Ms.Kocova very nice result Excellent 1, CAC.
In open class she handled Forest (Ivanhoe Grey Fellow), who is a dog of our very good friend Jaromir Gratcl and our "matter of the heart". This was his first show in Czech after he was rehomed from Poland and we were very happy to get Excellent 3. He was also included into breeding program. So after his passing Autumn and Forest exams (hope in August) he will be presented as a stud dog.  Very pleasant show with many friends and nice weather . Some pics you can see HERE.




     Very nice and sunny walk with Agamysh and Jessie today. Many thanks for your enjoyable visit! More pics HERE.




We spent the last weekend in Brno at the biggest dog show in Czech republic - DUOCACIB Brno.We were there with Pavla and Alfi and Iveta with her pack and enjoyed the time since Friday to Sunday evening very much. Our Paja with our Annie won their category of Juniorhandling and Paja handled weimaraner girl Lilca (Beca Lilli od potoka Kacaku) to achieve JuniorBOB.  
     Unfortunatelly Annie caught a virus of a gastroenteritis there and had to go to our vet for several infusions, injections and other medicine. But she's already better - without a vomiting, diarrhea and with her wellknown apetit... :o)

     You can see many photos from saturday's show HERE. We thank very much Jakub Antos for this lovely pic of Paja and Annie on a podium.




      We had a wonderful visit today - from Agamysh kennel. A nice walk with a bit bad ending - Santi cut his paw and only several stitches helped him to not bleed... :-( Hope his recovery will be fast...


Pája - third best juniorhandler  

     Paja was declared 3-rd best juniorhandler of the Czech republic in an older category at yestarday's competition Champion of champions. Her yearlong results helped her to gain this wonderful title.


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